One week to go!

Day 175

11 days until #TO2015

Hello Everyone,

Today marks ONE WEEK before we leave for the Pan Am Games!!! I think I can speak for the rest of the team when I say that we are very excited to compete in Toronto. These are our games and we are so happy to be celebrating our achievements, thus far, with our home country. It is going to be a very BIG, very exciting experience for us. Most of this team has not competed at a Pan Am Games, so we are going to soak in every minute of it.

photoshoot HL

I think it’s very fair to say that we have had our share of ups and downs this year. Like any team, we have been working out the kinks and have been striving to make our routines ones that the audience, and the judges, will remember… Over the last 175 days we have become so much more of a unit; One team that will compete together and win together. Whether that is a gold medal around our necks or the satisfaction of having a “best swim”, we will be smiling. I am proud to say that these girls are my family and every day they show me how strong they are. As a group, we can move mountains.

20141001-070602-25562589.jpgHeading to Toronto soon, I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported this journey. The coaches and athletes could not have made it this far without our tremendous staff of experts and of course the family and friends that keep us sane on a daily basis. Your listening ears…. well, reading minds, that keep this blog filled with viewers is an inspiration in itself. So THANK YOU!!

Now, go share!!! Share our journey with your friends and family! Throughout the Games we will be working with our photographer to keep this blog up-to-date; filling it with photos, videos and info from inside the Village, Competition Venue and all other amazing things, such as the Opening Ceremonies!! If you aren’t following this blog yet, now would be an exciting time to start!

For more details of our #TO2015 experience check out my FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts using the links. Have fun and share, share, share!!

– C


2015 Shiseido Open

Day 118

Hello Everyone,

What a fantastic week of competition! Congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated in the event; a great show of endurance, athleticism and talent. 

Over these National Championships, Team Canada shared our new routines to the audience. A first showing of what we have been working so hard to accomplish. The Duet and Solo, of course, had some fantastic swims in all events! During this season they have competed many times, giving confidence to our girls and some much needed experience for the Pan Am Games in July. We know that they will do us proud! 

The Duet with members of the 1955 Pan Am Team

Our team, in turn, competed for the first time this year and I must say we did so with conviction. We have been training tirelessly for good swims and that is what we got. Our team performances were not perfect as we still have much to work on for The Pan Am Games, but we are taking steps in the right direction!!! 

Team Canada

We are a calm force. This weekend we proved that to ourselves. It has been a great learning experience and we will continue to grow from this. All of our hard work up to this point is starting to take shape, now all we need to do is continue the momentum! 

Thank you to all of the volunteers, judges, event managers and the many more who helped make this Nationals possible. We had a fantastic time, whether it was swimming with young girls, competing our routines or cheering for our home clubs! 

Again, a huge congrats to all of the competitors and champions of this event. We are very proud of our fellow Canadians and hope to return the feeling in the near future. 

Team Canada with Waterloo Synchro

Much Love,

– C

It’s been a while…

Day 98

Hello Everyone,

Well… Hello There!!! It’s been quite a while since my last post. Synchro has kept me busy these last few weeks.  Now that I have completed (and scored well!!) in my classes this semester, most of my spare time has been spent on daily recovery of my training sessions.

We have been working really hard to get prepared for our debut at the Canadian Open this month.  New routines, means a new approach to our training techniques. Harder practices, increasing endurance and working towards a confident start to the season.  This year of course, is leading up to the Olympic Games.  Time is of the essence and we are running out.

You know, this life is not for the faint of heart. We work our butts off every day just to make it to that one AMAZING moment of our lives… And that one moment will define us.  It will be a part of our lives, living on through our friends, families and future generations of athletes.  All of the people that love us and support us, those who are in our corner, guide us to that one beautiful moment we will share with the world.

It’s days like today when you realize that you KILL your muscles and work so hard to PUSH those limits that you truly start to understand that the future is NOW! We are so close to our dreams, if we wanted to we could just reach out and grab it.

Silver @ World Cup 2014
Silver @ World Cup 2014

Never EVER take days like this for granted.  The times that our body cringes and your mind tells you that its had enough; thats when miracles happen.  Achieving a goal is not just about showing up, it’s about showing up mind, body and soul, ready to work for something you’ve loved since the day you started.

Be strong and BELIEVE that what you’re doing is right and worth every minute!

Love Always,

– C


Hey everyone!!

Hope you have all had a pleasant week, and soon to be a great weekend!!

Training has been intense to say the least! It’s time for us to get out butts kicked and get back in shape! The sweat life is the good life. 😉

With that said… How is the challenge I have given you?? Team Canada is sticking to it, supporting our own fitness and strength as we get closer to Team Selection and China! All of you are definitely capable to complete this chin up challenge, take them one at a time if you need!! Let’s go!!


I look forward to hearing some feedback! Remember you can find me on Twitter @claudiaholzner, Facebook, and Instagram… Just use #chinovember and share your experiences with me. Good luck!!!

Much Love,