Team Announcement

Day 145

41 Days Until #TO2015 Pan Am Games

Hey Everyone,

Today is a very special day for Team Canada! We have officially announced the 9 girls that will compete for GOLD at the #TO2015 Pan Am Games! 

Click Here full the full press release in English. 

We are very excited to compete in front of our family and friends again this year at the TPASC! As a team we have taken some incredible leaps these last few weeks. We still have a lot of work to do and details to perfect, but I am proud to say that we are going to be ready for these Games. 


“Swim as show off as Ukraine, Russian duck effect, Precise as Japan, Sharper than Italy. Let’s fight harder than Spain. Let’s be CANADA FEARLESS!!!”

– Marie-Lou, Free Team Captain 

– C


2015 Shiseido Open

Day 118

Hello Everyone,

What a fantastic week of competition! Congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated in the event; a great show of endurance, athleticism and talent. 

Over these National Championships, Team Canada shared our new routines to the audience. A first showing of what we have been working so hard to accomplish. The Duet and Solo, of course, had some fantastic swims in all events! During this season they have competed many times, giving confidence to our girls and some much needed experience for the Pan Am Games in July. We know that they will do us proud! 

The Duet with members of the 1955 Pan Am Team

Our team, in turn, competed for the first time this year and I must say we did so with conviction. We have been training tirelessly for good swims and that is what we got. Our team performances were not perfect as we still have much to work on for The Pan Am Games, but we are taking steps in the right direction!!! 

Team Canada

We are a calm force. This weekend we proved that to ourselves. It has been a great learning experience and we will continue to grow from this. All of our hard work up to this point is starting to take shape, now all we need to do is continue the momentum! 

Thank you to all of the volunteers, judges, event managers and the many more who helped make this Nationals possible. We had a fantastic time, whether it was swimming with young girls, competing our routines or cheering for our home clubs! 

Again, a huge congrats to all of the competitors and champions of this event. We are very proud of our fellow Canadians and hope to return the feeling in the near future. 

Team Canada with Waterloo Synchro

Much Love,

– C

A quick message

Day 109

Hey everyone.

Here I am, just finished practice sitting on the bus typing out this little message to all of you. Knowing me this post wouldn’t be written once I made it home because I would end up passing out on my semi- comfy couch with my snuggie…. Which, in turn, would become a night of endless sleep and hibernation after a long day at the pool.

Now, I wanted to write a quick message to all of the people competing at the Canadian Open in approximately one week. It’s been a year since we’ve seen all of your beautiful faces and the time has come for all of us to be together again, to see friends, family and old teammates.

It’s always great to see the new “up and comers” who will compete for top spots in their age group. The future of synchronized swimming rests in your hands! Some of you may make the Olympic Team one day, others will continue to do synchro until their hearts content and others will become coaches, but either way synchro as a sport will have been changed by you and your cooperation.

Barcelona Training Camp 2013


Results are not nearly as important as a good swim. If there’s one thing I can tell you all before you go out to compete for your future it is to FEEL every second of your swim. Be present in the fact that your lungs burn, but your body hasn’t given up; your heart pounds with anticipation and fear, but there is still excitement! Enjoy!! These are the moments you will remember well past your synchro years. 

Barcelona 2013

Be fearless, live your passion and be the best person you can be. 

Good Luck!!

– C 


Day 30

Hello Everyone,

This last month has been crazy. As most of you know, Team Canada has been training incredibly hard as we get ready for this years Pan American Games in Toronto and FINA World Championships in Russia.

We have changed our training plan quite dramatically, starting with increased strength and cardio sessions, flexibility sessions, as well as much more speed swimming. To add to the list, we have been testing our technical skills as well as learning new skills to keep us fit for the future. Last week, in just 3 days, we trained 36hrs.

It has been a great start to our season. Now that we are getting more fit, there are no signs of us “lightening up” heading into this year. The Olympics, though they seem far away, are just around the corner. Take into consideration that in just one year and 1 month from now we will be fighting to qualify for the Games! This is crunch time!!

Sending updates soon! Thank you for being patient, time is limited when you’re at the pool 12 hours a day! 🙂


– C

2 weeks

Hello Everyone!!

In 2 weeks today we will be done competing at the World Cup in Quebec City.  So far, this camp has been a tough one for all of us!

We have been training incredibly hard.  Working through many obstacles here in Toronto… Day one started off in water that was less than 23 degrees Celsius!! We were freezing cold the whole day, but all of us knew that this wouldn’t prevent us from training for the Cup. We were in and out of the pool trying to keep our muscles warm, there was a fire alarm and a power outage, and most of all we have been fighting exhaustion.  We knew at this point we needed to train extra SMART, making every second in the water count!

We have started to overcome these little things!!! There is so much more at stake right now, no matter what conditions we are in the Team has to work together toward our goal! This is a big year, and a big competition for us.  We know that right now we haven’t reached our peak, but we have another 13 days to get where we want to be! I am confident that with the help of our amazing staff and my determined teammates, we will SHINE at World Cup!!

This WEDNESDAY, September 24th, is our Synchro Canada Demo for the World Cup in Toronto! For any of you here this week, please come and show us some LOVE!!!

Senior National Team Demo Information

Hope to see you there!

Much Love,



Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today we embark on our new adventure, World Cup Training Camp in Toronto! It’s so strange to be in a place where we can understand the language; normally our camps are anywhere but Canada!! It’s so nice to feel “at home”.

As of today we will start training for our biggest competition of the season. We will be at the Pan Am 2015 pool for the next 2 weeks working to perfect our routines for the up coming event. This facility has just opened and we are preparing to be the 1st swimmers to “test the waters”.

In a matter of hours we will be at the pool for our 1st training session of the camp! We’ve got a BIG couple of weeks ahead of us!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! We hope to see some of you soon at the pool in Quebec City or here in Toronto. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite!! 😉

Much Love