We have arrived! 

Hello from Toronto!!! 

Yesterday Team Canada arrived in the village for our 1st day at the Pan Am Games! It was exciting, to say the least! The Synchro girls received our very own TownHouse. All of the 9 members of our team will be staying in one house together; meaning that we will be able to stay 100% connected throughout this incredible experience!   

Day 1: Arrival
 From there we had a meeting with our Chef de Mission, Curt Harnett, and other members of our support team to go through the protocols for the village as well as OUTFITTING!! We received a huge suitcase full of Canada Gear that we will wear everywhere during the Games. It’s like Christmas! The buzz around this whole team is so infectious. We have been smiling, laughing and repping our gear proudly as we walk around the village to meet other athletes of all nationalities!  
After a very eventful day of exploring the amazing facility TO2015 has given us, we move towards Day 2 with open arms. 

Day 2

As you could have probably guessed, yesterday was a big day for all of us and I just couldn’t get myself to sit down on the computer to type…. There was just so much to see! So naturally, I’m writing this on the bus coming from our competition venue after a great day of media sessions and training.  

 Synchro, as of this morning, was the 1st sport to be interviewed in these Games. We had a fun, very natural session with journalists; just to get the word out about our sport and our potential for the 1st GOLD medal of TO2015!!! Alexandre Bilodeau style!  

” Try to be serious”
 We received some great questions about our training, the pressure of a second consecutive gold, our connection as a team and how we keep this journey something that we look forward to on a daily basis. I don’t think people fully understand how tough our job really is, but by spreading this message we will hopefully be recognized as the elite athletes we are…. Not just a sport that looks good.  

 Training today was a success. We had a great Monday practice and with that brings some extra confidence and excitement. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, therefore I conclude that it’s time for bed!!! Good night all!

– C 


Pre-Pan Am Games Orientation

Day 165

21 days until #TO2015

Hello All!

As you all know, the Pan Am Games are approaching very quickly leaving us no time to catch our breath. 

Yesterday all athletes, coaches and the rest of the ‘behinds the scenes’ team for TO2015, took some time to smell the roses. We were given a much needed, very inspiring orientation about past experiences, Olympic Journey’s and much more! It gave us the chance to meet our fellow Canadian Athletes and share our ‘Game Plan’, which is an integral part of our future success at these Games and the next. 

Listening to our Chef de Mission, Curt Harnett, and other athletes speak about their experiences was amazing. Their inspiring message taught us to be prepared for any situation.   


The Olympics is something we have been dreaming about since we were small kids; we have a vision in our minds of how it’s supposed to go, but as we all know, things don’t always go as planned. We must be prepared for anything that comes our way. Whether that is that the bed is too hard, the training wasn’t ideal, there’s more traffic to the competition facilities than usual etc etc… So what are you going to do?? 

All I can say to that is: CONTROL THE CONTROLABLE. You can’t change whatever challenges you may face at different international competitions, but you can control YOU! Take it into your own hands, knowing that you have done everything to get to this moment and that nothing will get in the way of you and a potential podium finish. We are One Team and together we are Canada Strong! 

We are so excited to compete in front of our family and friends, see you soon!!!! 

Love you all!!

– C 

Team Announcement

Day 145

41 Days Until #TO2015 Pan Am Games

Hey Everyone,

Today is a very special day for Team Canada! We have officially announced the 9 girls that will compete for GOLD at the #TO2015 Pan Am Games! 

Click Here full the full press release in English. 

We are very excited to compete in front of our family and friends again this year at the TPASC! As a team we have taken some incredible leaps these last few weeks. We still have a lot of work to do and details to perfect, but I am proud to say that we are going to be ready for these Games. 


“Swim as show off as Ukraine, Russian duck effect, Precise as Japan, Sharper than Italy. Let’s fight harder than Spain. Let’s be CANADA FEARLESS!!!”

– Marie-Lou, Free Team Captain 

– C


Day 133

Hey Everyone,

The Toronto Pan Am Games will be a great opportunity for us to show how proud we are to be Canadian! We have been working so hard for the chance to win a GOLD medal in front of a home crowd and this is our time!! It’s going to be an amazing experience for the athletes and the fans! 

Come out and support us as we head to some of the biggest competitions of our careers! 

Click Here for a short, inspiring, clip of the Games! 
– C 


Day 30

Hello Everyone,

This last month has been crazy. As most of you know, Team Canada has been training incredibly hard as we get ready for this years Pan American Games in Toronto and FINA World Championships in Russia.

We have changed our training plan quite dramatically, starting with increased strength and cardio sessions, flexibility sessions, as well as much more speed swimming. To add to the list, we have been testing our technical skills as well as learning new skills to keep us fit for the future. Last week, in just 3 days, we trained 36hrs.

It has been a great start to our season. Now that we are getting more fit, there are no signs of us “lightening up” heading into this year. The Olympics, though they seem far away, are just around the corner. Take into consideration that in just one year and 1 month from now we will be fighting to qualify for the Games! This is crunch time!!

Sending updates soon! Thank you for being patient, time is limited when you’re at the pool 12 hours a day! 🙂


– C

New Year, New Focus

Day 6

Hello All!!

Welcome to our 2015 season!! We are very excited to announce that there are four new swimmers joining us this year:

• Gabrielle Boisvert (Quebec, QC)

• Rebecca Harrower (Edmonton, AB)

• Roxanne Morneau-Carrier (Quebec, QC)

• Elizabeth Savard (Laval, QC)

Big congratulations to these girls on joining our family! It’s going to be a great learning experience and worth every minute!!

As we start our new year, we have new goals and new expectations for each other.  This is the biggest year of our lives as we make our journey to the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, which will take place in August of 2016.  However, our qualification for these Games will take place in March of 2016, meaning that we must be very efficient and “on the ball” as we train for the swim that will change our futures!

We are also incredibly excited to have our new training facility at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC.

Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium

It has been an incredible welcome to the new pool with some amazing perks for our Canadian Athletes.  Soon there will be athletes from different sports including Synchronized Swimming, Speed Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Judo, Fencing, Speed Skating and many more!!

Synchro Pool with INS in background
Synchro Pool with INS in background

The facility gives us access to an incredible Locker Room, a Synchro

Dive Tank from Synchro Pool
Dive Tank from Synchro Pool

specific pool, two 50 metre pools, a new and improved dive tank, an amazing Weight Room with a large gymnasium and so much more; all with Face Recognition Software!!!


This new centre is going to give us the opportunity to train to our fullest capacity, starting with a great cross training program and our own pool to accommodate our needs for the next Olympics. This is exactly what we are going to need as we fight for our dreams!!


This year we are going to be working our butts off to improve our routines and get as fit as we possibly can towards competing at the Pan Am Games and World Championships later in the year.  2015 is going to be a major chance to work on our routines and change what we need to increase our scores for future competitions. Every second will have to count and I have a feeling that this team is up for the challenge!

rio logoWe have come very far from our 1st experience together as a team in 2013. Each year of this cycle we have evolved, welcoming new members and creating a new niche. The team knows what it’s going to take to get to where we need to be, now all we need is to show the world what we can do!! The time has come for us to buckle down and push the limits!!

– C