Pan American Games: Duet: GOLD Team: GOLD

FINA World Championships: 6th: Tech Duet7th: Free Duet7th: Tech Team7th: Free Team4th: Highlight Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series Super FINAL: Budabest, Hungary: 3rd: Tech Duet, 4th: Free Duet, 3rd: Tech Team, 3rd: Free Team, 3rd: Highlight Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #7: Quebec City, QC, CAN: 3rd: Duet Tech, 3rd: Free Duet, 2nd: Tech Team, 2nd: Free Team, 1st: Highlight Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #6: Greensboro, NC, USA: Tech Duet: 2nd, Free Duet: 2nd

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #5: Beijing, CHN: 1st: Tech Duet, 1st: Free Duet, 2nd: Tech Team, 1st: Free Team, 1st: Highlight Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #4: Tokyo, JPN: 5th: Tech Duet, 6th: Free Duet, 2nd: Tech Team, 3rd: Free Team, 3rd: Highlight Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #2 – Alexandroupolis, GRE: 3rd: Tech Duet, 3rd: Tech Duet, 2nd: Tech Team, 1st: Free Team, 2nd: Highlight Team


UANA Pan American Championships: 1st: Tech Solo, 2nd: Tech Duet, 2nd: Free Duet, 2nd: Free Team, 3rd: Tech Team

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series #8 – Los Angeles, CA, USA: 3rd: Tech Team, 2nd: Free Team, 5th: Free Duet

Artistic Swimming World Series #7 – Canada Open – Surrey, BC, CAN: 3rd: Tech Duet, 3rd: Free Duet, 3rd: Tech Team, 3rd: Free Team

Canadian Championships: 1st: Tech Duet, 1st: Free Duet, 2nd: Tech Solo, 1st: Tech Team

Canadian Qualifier: 1st: Tech Duet, 1st: Free Duet, 3rd: Tech Solo, 2nd: Tech Team


FINA World Championships: 7th: Tech Duet, 7th: Free Duet, 7th: Tech Team, 7th: Free Team

Synchro America Open: 2nd: Tech and Free Duet

Canadian Open: 3rd: Duet Tech, 3rd: Duet Free

Japan Open: 4th: Duet Tech, 4th: Duet Free


Olympic Qualifier: 4th: Team


FINA World Championships: 7th: Tech Team, 6th: Free Team, 6th: Combo

Pan Am Games: TEAM GOLD

Sheisido Canadian Open Championships: 1st: Team Tech, 1st: Team Free


World Trophy:  2nd: Highlight Routine, 3rd: Team

FINA World Cup: 4th: Tech Team, 4th: Free Team, 2nd: Highlight Routine

Spanish Open: 2nd: Tech Team, 2nd: Free Team

Japan Open: 2nd: Team

Canadian Open Championships: 1st: Tech Team, 1st: Free Team

French Open Make Up Forever Championships: 3rd: Tech Team, 3rd: Free Team

German Open: 2nd: Team


FINA World Championships: 5th: Combo

Canadian Open Championships: 1st: Tech Team, 1st: Free Team


FINA Junior World Championships: 4th: Team, 5th: Combo, 6th: Duet

Canadian Open Championships: 1st: Duet, 1st: Team, 1st: Combo, 3rd: Figures, 3rd: Solo


UANA Pan Am Championships: 1st: Figures, 1st: Duet, 1st: Team, 1st: Combo, 1st: Solo

Canadian Open Championships: 1st: Solo, 1st: Duet, 1st: Team, 1st: Combo, 1st: Figures


FINA Junior World Championships: Did not compete due to injury.

Canadian Open Championships: 4th: Solo, 3rd: Duet, 3rd: Team, 2nd: Combo, 6th: Figures


Comen Cup: 3rd: Team, 4th: Duet, 8th: Figures

Canadian Espoir Championships: 1st: Duet, 1st: Combo, 2nd: Solo, 2nd: Figures

Canadian Open Championships: 6th: Team


UANA Pan Am Championships: 1st: Team, 1st: Figures, 2nd: Solo

Canadian Espoir Championships: 2nd: Solo, 2nd: Duet, 6th: Team, 2nd: Figures


Canadian Espoir Championships: 6th: Team, 9th: Duet, 10th: Solo, 21st: Figures

Canadian Espoir Championships: 4th: Team, 29th: Figures

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