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My name is Claudia! This site is your look into the life of a high performance athlete as well as sharing the world beyond Artistic Swimming.IMG_4857

I believe that being happy in your life and in your training is the KEY to success. It has taken years for me to understand this concept and I want to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve developed along the way to climb to the International Level of Artistic Swimming! 

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During this time spend at home, I have tried to learn something new every week. So far, a lot of that being in the kitchen! One of the first things I made was bread, but by far the most exciting thing I learned was how to make Bagels. Guaranteed, I should have thought to make …


Today we’re talking about HAWAII and seriously, what a wonderful place to have a training camp! Now that we are all isolating in our separate provinces, I’ve been looking back at pictures from that trip, reminiscing about the Hawaiian sun, the Island lifestyle and all of the amazing experiences we had! *** This all started …


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