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My name is Claudia! This site is a new and improved version of “Aquae Vitae” that will take you through life, work, school, synchro and more. It is your look into the life of a high performance athlete as well as sharing the world beyond synchronized swimming.

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So we are going to start with some moments of 2017. There was fun, excitement, stress, challenges and more, but all in all, there are some experiences that will last a lifetime. Starting the list of amazing things is ICELAND. I can’t exactly describe to you the beauty, the intricacy, the depth, and the power …


WELCOME to a new and improved blog site provided by….. me….. Claudia Holzner! As I have promised in the past, it was time to re-vamp and re-style this blog for more than just synchro information, but also travel, life, and as of most recently, adulting….. Which is a tough adjustment I must say. For those …