A More Plant Based Adventure!

Hey everyone!

About 6 months ago, I started a new adventure of having a more plant based diet!

In the last few years I’ve been very conscious about how much meat I consume and how it affected my body. I noticed that in periods where I ate meat every day, I had stomach and skin issues, but when I came back home to eat my normal “mostly vegetarian” diet I had no problems.

I have watched many documentaries and read many articles about the meat industry, plant based diets and plant based diets for athletes. All the information got me thinking about my impact on the environment, my lifestyle and I was honestly intrigued to see if it will make a difference for me in my training and recovery!

And with that I have a call to action, if you will! 😉 I am looking for others who have made the decision to go plant based, hear about your experiences and also try out some new meals!

I am super excited about this decision. I have noticed a huge difference in my body, my skin and my training! I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be in the future!

To send me your experiences / recipes to try, please fill out the contact form below! Thank youuuuuu! 😘



During this time spend at home, I have tried to learn something new every week. So far, a lot of that being in the kitchen!

One of the first things I made was bread, but by far the most exciting thing I learned was how to make Bagels. Guaranteed, I should have thought to make Montreal Bagels since I live in Montreal, but I ended up opting for a New York style bagel. Let me tell you…. YUM!

Here is the youtube video I followed and I will put the list of ingredients below!

Ingredients you’ll need:

500g bread flour (about 3.5 cups)

23g white sugar (about 1.5 tablespoons)

10g instant dried yeast (about 1 tablespoon)

297g warm water @90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 320 ml)

6g salt (1.5 teaspoons)

Everything Bagel Seasoning: (I only had sesame seeds so I used those)

2 tablespoons dried garlic flakes

2.5 tablespoons dried onion flakes

1.5 tablespoons white sesame seeds

1 tablespoon poppy seeds

1 tablespoon black sesame seeds

1/2 tablespoon flakey salt or kosher salt (ideally flakey)

Instructions: are all in the youtube video! 

The bagels turned out great and they were really tasty! Definitely would recommend if you are looking for something exciting to try during this time at home!

Stay Safe!




Today we’re talking about HAWAII and seriously, what a wonderful place to have a training camp!

Now that we are all isolating in our separate provinces, I’ve been looking back at pictures from that trip, reminiscing about the Hawaiian sun, the Island lifestyle and all of the amazing experiences we had!


This all started in January a year ago, when our coach, Gabor, came to Montreal to train the team. Let’s just say the week that everyone arrived was probably THE WORST storm in Montreal…. Hence “Mission Heat Camp” which would be later known as Hawaii!  

Escape winter and train in an outdoor pool under the sun….. to that I say “Heck Yes!!”

So we went. For 3 and a half weeks.

Every morning we would wake up early to go for a pre-breakfast run, each day running a different area and a different amount, which kept things interesting! I don’t know about you, but running in straight lines…. Not. My. Thing. So this was pretty fun, plus we would get to watch the sun rise which was beautiful!

After our run we would have breakfast in our hotel rooms and then prepare for our drive to the pool. Once we arrived we would apply our sunscreen, activate, stretch or have a mental performance session before getting in for our daily pool session – which was intense… Let me tell you, we did not miss a single second. We made the most out of our time in the water and came out every day with another thing accomplished!

After some post-practice Yoga, we would then head back to Waikiki for lunch and relaxing before our next session. The evenings would normally consist of Strength/Cardio or both, landdrill (which is basically a rehearsal of our routine on land) and stretching. It was an intense 3.5 week camp, but in that time we gained so much and achieved so many things!

Now let’s not forget the fun stuff…. we got some days off too, which were amazing and exactly what we needed after the really long, tough days of training during the week.

We would do things like surfing, hiking, beach hopping, tourist attractions, driving the island, relaxing and of course watching sunsets! We also ended up watching the Pipeline Pro Surfing Competition which is absolutely insane and crazy impressive. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I tried surfing once and I was exhausted after the baby waves…. I can’t imagine how much energy goes into doing what they do!

It was also my 26th birthday on the last day of the camp. We came downstairs as usual, only to be met with a grinning staff as we were told that practice was cancelled and that we would be going to the beach for the day! It was so nice to spend my birthday and eventually my “birthday week” with friends in Hawaii! Such a paradise!

Here are some pictures from our trip!!





So as the title suggests we have been in Isolation for 48 days. This has been a crazy time, filled with so many ups and downs. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

It’s ok not to be ok.

This is a time in our lives that is unprecedented. We have never dealt with this before, nor did we know what to expect when we were first asked to isolate weeks ago. My mental health has taken a beating, as I am sure many of you have felt the same at one point or another.  I have honestly gone from being totally ok, to hitting rock bottom, to better, to super bad to then accepting the situation. It’s a roller coaster. So the first thing I learned is: it’s ok not to be ok.

Going outside is a privilege and a necessity.

Without going outside for a little bit every day I would be a hot mess right now. I have managed to take some time for myself every day, rain or shine, to go for a little walk or just go out on my balcony. No matter how short it is and the fact that I have to walk around any person I may encounter, it’s worth it. Before this time of isolation, I would have taken my days off to sit on the couch or in bed relaxing, but I completely underestimated how necessary and wonderful it is to breathe fresh air!

Having a schedule is KEY.

Creating a clear schedule for myself from the start was key to getting through the day. I have an alarm during the week that wakes me up every morning (even though I don’t need to wake up early). I scheduled morning yoga into my day – 30 minutes of uninterrupted relaxing yoga that helped me create a mindset for the day. I also added meditation/mindfulness practice to my day, which has been incredibly helpful. Every night before I go to bed I ask myself what I want to achieve the next day (workouts I want to try and things I want to learn etc) and go through a nice and relaxing bedtime routine.

Celebrate the little things

Another thing that I think has really helped me is celebrating the little joys in my life at home. Cleaning the apartment, framing pictures that I never had the time to frame, trying new recipes, finishing a workout that was really tough, sitting on the balcony watching the sunset on a warm day or calling family and friends on FaceTime. Every little aspect that brought me joy I wrote in a journal and that helped me have some pretty good days!

Try to look at the positive. 

It’s tremendously difficult when your dreams come to a sudden halt, to really dig deep and find the positive in all of this… But one thing I can say about this time is that I am really enjoying having quality time with the person I love, here at home. I also feel extremely grateful to be safe and healthy at this time and am doing everything I can to keep family members healthy too. On top of that, I have saved some money by only buying essentials.

Social Distancing is not a joke.

I know that there are people in some countries that are getting restless and that want their lives back, but is it worth the risk? Is it worth risking your families health? I don’t think so. This is a time that we cannot change and I think that by being in this situation we have hopefully learned a lot about what is truly important to us.

I hope that all of you are staying healthy and safe at this time. Don’t forget to check in with your mental health and help others who may be struggling. Since the postponement of the Games, I have been on my own journey, dealing with feeling overwhelmed by the emotions that come with pushing the Olympics, yet another year away. It has been hard, but I find that by using what I have learned it has created a sense of acceptance and calm in my world.


Just a double rainbow to brighten your day! 😘



Staying sane in times like these is all about having things to do. Whether it’s working out, binge watching Netflix, reading books, doing crafts or writing a blog ( 😉 ) It’s extremely important to keep busy, so today I’m going to share some books I have on my shelf!


Ok, so I was REALLY late to the party on this one, but I read all of them last year and I absolutely love them! They are so good and they mature as you read them – I guess when they came out that was the point, but either way, I love them and would recommend re-reading them if you already have!


This book is absolutely fantastic. It is raw and haunting, but it is so beautiful at the same time. I read this in probably two days and couldn’t put it down. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 


This was another book that I read really quickly and loved. It is a true story and the way it is written is just so intriguing! If you are into finding yourself or like me, you enjoyed the movie then you’ll like this book!


This book is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. Of course the book is amazing, as it always is when you watch the movie first… I loved it and cried like a baby at the end!


This one is creeeeeeeeepy. We actually passed this book around the team while we were in Hawaii – I think it took most of us 2-3 days to read it, but it was hilarious watching each team member freak out about the book!! It is again one of the ones you won’t be able to put down!!! 

I hope you like this blog and some of the books that I’ve have read recently! There are more on the shelf, but I have yet to finish them! Once I do I will share them with you all. Please, if you have any books you loved, SEND ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS! You can send them using the email contact@claudiaholzner.com or using the contact from below!

Have a great day and stay healthy!!




Hey everyone,

So as it turns out the “Card Game Workout” was very successful and had a lot of people following along at home SO I am going to post some more workouts from my DDO trainer, Tiffany Pearce, that you can do at your own pace and hopefully it will help you stay happy and healthy during isolation!

Let’s go!

Today’s workout is pretty self explanatory. You start at the top with the burpees and then you create your own path to the last exercise, 1 minute boat hold! As for “weighted” exercises – you can use a full water bottle or some food cans as weights, get creative!


This workout can be done at your own pace and you can break the reps into whatever grouping you would like.

** Please always remember to drink lots of water and if you need to take rest, please do so! **

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

All my love,


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