Hey everyone!

I am definitely a person that needs variety and a PLAN when it comes to being at home (which I am realizing now that I’ve been in isolation for 5 days…), so that being said,  I’ve dug up some of my old plans from my trainer back in 2018 (Thanks Tiffany!!!) and I’m going to share them with you!

For today’s workout, I thought it would be fun to try out something that is a game of chance…..

The Card Game Workout 

For this you will need a deck of cards (or 2 if you’d like???). Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile in front of your workout space!

For the reps: take the number on the card and DOUBLE IT. When you’re required to do something with time, take the number on the card and ADD A ZERO (indicated below)! The numbers for J, Q and K are 11, 12 and 13.

The first time you pick a suit, you do the 1st exercise in that list, 2nd time you pick the same suit you do the next exercise and so on. Once you have finished all 3 exercises in that suit, you start at the top of your exercise list and continue!

** For and example, scroll to the bottom**

ALL A =  rest one minute

Hearts = ARMS

– Jumping Jack Push-ups

– Walkouts (aka inchworms)

– Hi-lo Planks

Clubs = ABS

– Hollow Body Rocks

– Plank Hold (add 0 for time)

– Single Leg Sit Ups

Diamonds = LEGS

– Double Pulse Squat Jumps

– Jump Lunges

– Squat Hold (add 0 for time)

Spades = TOTAL

– Burpees to floor

– Mountain Climbers (add 0 for time)

– Snap Jumps (start in plank, jump both legs in to hands and back to plank)


CARD 1 = 2 of hearts

          • You will do 4 reps of Jumping Jack Pushups

CARD 2 = 5 of diamonds

          • You will do 10 reps of Double Pulse Squat Jumps

CARD 3 = 10 of hearts (It’s second time you picked hearts so you do the next exercise)

          • You will do 20 reps of Walkouts (ouchhhhhh haha)

CARD 4 = J of Spades

          • You will do 22 reps of Burpees to the Floor

CARD 5 = 6 of Spades

          • You add a 0 and do 60 sec of Mountain Climbers

Hope you enjoy this workout. I always find it harder than it looks on paper haha! It’s a sweaty workout that will keep you guessing because you don’t know what’s coming next! Have fun!



Please make sure to stay healthy, if you don’t feel good doing this workout make sure to stop and always drink lots of water!



Hey Everyone, me again!

Since, 1) I am stuck at home like the rest of you and 2) apart from doing workouts at home… I’m kinda bored, so you might hear from me a little more often!

Let’s get it!!

The past few days, since self-isolating and it becoming official that the team and I would be apart for the next week or so, I have been doing some fun at home workouts which I’d like to share with you! They are all made by a trainer that I had back when I was training with Dollard Synchro (shout out to Tiffany for making working out FUN!)

But before I share them with you, my team and I have challenged you to a HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE. We want to see what you’ve been doing whether its flex, yoga, dancing or whatever other fun stuff you can think of!

Check out our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for the details and let’s stay strong together!!

All my love and positivity,



Hey everyone,

I just want to address the elephant in the room.

I was asked recently to make a motivational speech to one of Canada’s Artistic Swimming Clubs and it got me thinking. I have been quiet… Maybe to deter panic or to just find out what is happening before I say anything, but now that so many people are facing challenges with cancellation of events etc. I wanted to share a part of my speech in the hopes that I can help the community around me – even though I am at home in self-isolation…

I know that this is stressful situation and a crazy time for everyone around the world. I also know that there are so many questions and so much uncertainty for athletes, but the truth is that all we can do right now is stay calm.

Our competition season is in question. As of now we know that two of the World Series events have been cancelled – Greece and China – and now we are waiting on dates for the other competitions, all of which have been postponed so far. With information coming in slowly, we are going to prepare for our competitions regardless and are adjusting to the changes that will have to be made for the future. Again, the situation is out of our control, so we need to be flexible at this time.

As of now, the team and I are self-isolating at home with our families, but we are continuing to work hard by running, cycling, doing yoga, pilates, flex and other strength workouts that we can do at home.

I know many athletes have been affected by this virus. Not just in the international community but for us here at home too. I know that the Canadian Qualifier competition has been cancelled (along with many others) and I just want to tell our Artistic Swimming community that it’s ok. Please be kind to yourself. You have done an amazing job thus far to prepare for these competitions, so let’s celebrate that! Take this time to congratulate yourself for all of your hard work and remember that your work is not wasted! Try some new activities – visualize your routines, nurse some injuries you may have, do flex, work on your knees and feet or even try some yoga (there are lots of apps that are offering free yoga until April 1st – try Down Dog!). There are so many things you can do to keep your body and mind healthy!

This is a tough situation for all of us, but again just focus on what we can control. Stay active, protect our loved ones and friends by washing our hands often, limit contact with those who could be more susceptible and listen to reliable sources!!

I am sending all my love to people around the world and I hope that this little blog calmed some nerves.

If you have some questions, need to chat or need ideas for workouts, send me an email contact@claudiaholzner.com or send me a DM on Instagram



Good evening everyone!

I’m a few months late, but it’s 2020!! 😍

I remember this moment back in 2016 when I had made the decision to stay 4 more years….. It always seems like such a long time, but at the end of the day it has just flown by!

📷 Hector Vivas / Lima 2019, Jose Sotomayor / Lima 2019, Christopher Morris / COC

I have been with the Senior National Team for over 7 years now – this being my 8th. Two full Quads, 3 Pan Am Gold medals, 4 World Championships and so many other amazing international events…. but THIS, the Olympic Games, is the event I have been waiting 18 years for.

And when I say “waiting”, I mean working my ass off.

It has been a dream of mine since I was young… though I underestimated what it would take to become an Olympian, I am so thankful for the drive and passion my little 8 year old mind had. I dreamed big and never let myself be discouraged by the struggles – they just made me push harder.

📷 John Kealy / Team Canada

And now, in the start of my 18th year in this sport I have learned so much more than I could ever have imagined. I have been taught perseverance, determination, kindness, leadership, failure and so much more! This sport has not only taught me how to be a better athlete, it has made me a better person.

We have already started getting this year underway with a 3 week camp in Hawaii – which was amazing and I will definitely elaborate on that more soon, but for now, it’s about staying present each day, looking at the next few months with a big open mind and enjoying the wild ride leading to the Games!






Your questions inspire my posts! If you want to know more about what we do every day, ask for some tips etc, I am happy to share! To send me a message, fill out the comment box below and I will be sure to get back to you!

I hope you enjoy the posts that I’ve shared thus far and I wish you all the best for this up coming season. xo



Hey Everyone,

We are back to “synchro” and with a twist!

This year we will be visiting some clubs across Canada on our road to Tokyo!

When I started synchro – I know it’s Artistic Swimming now, but back then it was still just “synchro” 😉 – I was only ten years old when the 2004 Olympic Team did their “Road to Athens” tour of Canada and I remember being in AWE! It was such an amazing experience to train alongside them, meet them, talk to them, be coached by them…. I was just in awe of the team and I wanted to be just like them when I grew up…

Well here I am, 15 years later, on the 2020 Olympic Team and on my “Road to Tokyo”. After having such a memorable and unforgettable experience as a child, I wanted to be part of this experience again – just on the other side – and to my surprise, its happening!

Doing these upcoming club visits is a special reminder of why I dreamed about the Games so many years ago…. In my mind, Olympians were larger than life. Inhuman in a way – like my own version of Superheroes. By bringing the 2004 team to Calgary and by being able to speak to them and see them up close, it just made it seem so POSSIBLE. They were just like me, only a few years older.

I am so excited about these club visits because I know the impact it has on the next generation. My dream of competing at the Games was conceived from a number of moments, but this one always seemed to stick in my mind. I am so proud to share this special journey with the future of our sport and I hope that they too find similar inspiration through us, as I found it all those years ago!

We are currently travelling to Prince George and Winnipeg for our first two Club visits and will also be travelling to Newfoundland in November!

 I hope that everyone is as excited as we are to be able to share this year with you!

See you soon!

With love,

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