Good evening everyone! I’m a few months late, but it’s 2020!! 😍 I remember this moment back in 2016 when I had made the decision to stay 4 more years….. It always seems like such a long time, but at the end of the day it has just flown by! I have been with theContinue reading “2020”


We’re BACK!!! We had a crazy couple of weeks in Quebec and it honestly went by SO fast! For those who follow our Team Instagram (if you don’t follow @artswimcanada, go do that now!!) we started off this year in STYLE with a three week bootcamp in Stoneham, QC. During the course of this campContinue reading “WE’RE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE”

Day 2 in JAPAN

Here is my entry from Day 2 in JAPAN!! “As yesterday was a very busy day visiting and having presentations, day 2 was more chill and had a lot relating to the athletes of this trip! We went to visit the National Sports Centre and the Nippon sport science university! What an incredible facility! TheContinue reading “Day 2 in JAPAN”