We’re BACK!!! We had a crazy couple of weeks in Quebec and it honestly went by SO fast! For those who follow our Team Instagram (if you don’t follow @artswimcanada, go do that now!!) we started off this year in STYLE with a three week bootcamp in Stoneham, QC. During the course of this campContinue reading “WE’RE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE”

We have arrived! 

13 days to Qualifier After a very early morning and a long wait to get through customs (almost missing our flight), we have arrived in Puerto Rico!!! What a beautiful place to be preparing for our trip to Rio.  Because of yesterday’s travel, we have been given the morning to relax and explore. We swam inContinue reading “We have arrived! “

2 weeks

Hello Everyone!! In 2 weeks today we will be done competing at the World Cup in Quebec City.  So far, this camp has been a tough one for all of us! We have been training incredibly hard.  Working through many obstacles here in Toronto… Day one started off in water that was less than 23Continue reading “2 weeks”


Happy Sunday Everyone!! Today we embark on our new adventure, World Cup Training Camp in Toronto! It’s so strange to be in a place where we can understand the language; normally our camps are anywhere but Canada!! It’s so nice to feel “at home”. As of today we will start training for our biggest competitionContinue reading “Toronto”