Day 2 in JAPAN

Here is my entry from Day 2 in JAPAN!!

“As yesterday was a very busy day visiting and having presentations, day 2 was more chill and had a lot relating to the athletes of this trip! We went to visit the National Sports Centre and the Nippon sport science university!

What an incredible facility! The University itself has created 1/4 of Japanese Olympians and their system is one that seems World renound. One thing in particular that created a lot of interest is that their students actually are able to write a report about their training, experience etc (for credit) while they are away for huge competitions. This gives them, what I believe to be, more support as they are busy with their competitions. In Canadian Universities we are asked to finish work that is done in the normal class; missed classes drop marks and missed exams can be a big problem for us as some professors are not very accommodating. But in Japan, it shows that they really support the efforts of their elite athletes as they strive to bring home Olympic medals, in addition a lot of these “Student Athletes” are able to finish their degrees prior to finishing their athletic career. A privilege I think all athletes want!

Their sports clubs are also like non other! They have rooms for almost any sport including, but not limited to Japanese Archery, Fencing, Volleyball,

The National Sports Centre is also in a league of its own…. When we arrived we thought “wow how the heck do they have the athletes to fill this place” but they really do…. It is a giant facility, which to our surprise they will be expanding for the 2020 Olympics to accommodate more athletes. They have a running track, a canoe/kayak simulator, a synchro pool, a swimming pool, the largest Judo room, wrestling room, fencing, a table tennis room, a handball room, boxing gym, multiple workout gyms and so much more. We couldn’t even see the entire facility in our time there and were also not allowed to take any pictures. They provide everything the athletes need whether that is dinner or rooms to sleep, everything is well prepared and also provides the athletes with the necessary means to do recovery programs, anti doping and more.

Needless to say, it was an interesting day for the athlete group of the Kakehashi project!!”


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Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

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