Today we’re talking about HAWAII and seriously, what a wonderful place to have a training camp!

Now that we are all isolating in our separate provinces, I’ve been looking back at pictures from that trip, reminiscing about the Hawaiian sun, the Island lifestyle and all of the amazing experiences we had!


This all started in January a year ago, when our coach, Gabor, came to Montreal to train the team. Let’s just say the week that everyone arrived was probably THE WORST storm in Montreal…. Hence “Mission Heat Camp” which would be later known as Hawaii!  

Escape winter and train in an outdoor pool under the sun….. to that I say “Heck Yes!!”

So we went. For 3 and a half weeks.

Every morning we would wake up early to go for a pre-breakfast run, each day running a different area and a different amount, which kept things interesting! I don’t know about you, but running in straight lines…. Not. My. Thing. So this was pretty fun, plus we would get to watch the sun rise which was beautiful!

After our run we would have breakfast in our hotel rooms and then prepare for our drive to the pool. Once we arrived we would apply our sunscreen, activate, stretch or have a mental performance session before getting in for our daily pool session – which was intense… Let me tell you, we did not miss a single second. We made the most out of our time in the water and came out every day with another thing accomplished!

After some post-practice Yoga, we would then head back to Waikiki for lunch and relaxing before our next session. The evenings would normally consist of Strength/Cardio or both, landdrill (which is basically a rehearsal of our routine on land) and stretching. It was an intense 3.5 week camp, but in that time we gained so much and achieved so many things!

Now let’s not forget the fun stuff…. we got some days off too, which were amazing and exactly what we needed after the really long, tough days of training during the week.

We would do things like surfing, hiking, beach hopping, tourist attractions, driving the island, relaxing and of course watching sunsets! We also ended up watching the Pipeline Pro Surfing Competition which is absolutely insane and crazy impressive. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I tried surfing once and I was exhausted after the baby waves…. I can’t imagine how much energy goes into doing what they do!

It was also my 26th birthday on the last day of the camp. We came downstairs as usual, only to be met with a grinning staff as we were told that practice was cancelled and that we would be going to the beach for the day! It was so nice to spend my birthday and eventually my “birthday week” with friends in Hawaii! Such a paradise!

Here are some pictures from our trip!!




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