I had planned to have more updates and with more frequency, but as it turns out training full time keeps me busy busy busy!

Being a new team, we in particular, are going through a learning process. Many new situations, some hard, some great, that are keeping us on our toes and will surely help us learn more about each other and how we function. I am excited by the progress we’ve made and can’t wait to make memories with this awesome group of women!

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading 2 very interesting books: “You Are A Badass” and “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. They are completely different but I found that they relate directly to my life, the world of sports and the situations that sometimes make us ask, “What? Why?”

I have been looking to these books to learn more about myself and how to become a better leader.


The “badass” book looks at YOU – how you can love yourself more, find out who you really are, how to change what needs to be changed and see your life in a higher frequency, thus making your life better (and kicking some serious a$$ while you’re doing it)! I was sceptical about this book in the beginning (you know it seemed like the self help, love yourself, meditate always, kind of book I thought I would never want to read….), but as I started reading more, I thought, “Dang, this actually makes sense!” I love the way it’s written and the messages inside…. Honestly my pages are completely full of yellow highlighter by now…… Rule #1: LOVE YOURSELF 😉


IMG_0524The “team” book is all about what makes a team dysfunctional and how, as a group, you can become the best team possible. The title sounds negative, I know, but trust me the book is wow. Instead of being a book that puts you through boring “how to’s” and lists of what is bad and what is good, it is actually a story. You, the reader, are put directly into the situation and in turn you really live the experience of these characters, which makes all the difference! It’s a thought-provoking book that is a clear guide on how to build successful and efficient teams. If you’re looking to gain leadership skills or just check to see if you’re on the right track, get it now. I found myself reading and nodding, whether it was something I knew I needed to learn or something that we had succeeded on. It’s really interesting!

I would definitely recommend these two books if they relate to you somehow or if you’re in a pickle and need something to help you get out of your funk. I thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait to start using the knowledge I received!



Have any good, inspiring reads for me? I would love to hear your suggestions or hear about what you thought about mine! Use the contact form below to share 🙂

THE NEW YEAR… About a month late…

2018 has come and gone and honestly THANK THE UNIVERSE. I am not going to lie, this was a tough year. Looking back on everything there was a lot of amazing experiences I had the opportunity of living but they were dragged down by a negative cloud that seemed to make everything just a little bit less enjoyable…. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I am glad that that portion of my year is over. I’ve let go of A LOT of negative energy and am ready to look at my favourite moment of 2018.

In 2018 I was able to travel to Amsterdam and Paris with my favourite human. It was the highlight of my year and the most enjoyable trip I’ve ever had. I think the best part about it was having no plan, no agenda, just going with the flow and enjoying every minute we got to spend in those amazing places.

Lux airBNB in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. My god. Beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but there was SO much to see and do! I think the first day we walked like 30 Kilometres, stayed out way too late and had blisters on our feet from everything we had managed to do that day. We stayed in a luxury airBNB (We paid for a room in a house) but to our surprise no one was there during our stay, so we had the entire place to ourselves… which was… uh wow.

Paris. Oh La La. Wow. Speechless? Almost haha! We had an apartment between the Eiffle Tower and the Arc de Triumph, so naturally we walked to the Tower every single morning and every morning we were shocked by how amazing it was. Each day was a new adventure that started out with our beautiful walk to the Tower, followed by museums or palaces etc, a fresh baguette, cheese and wine for lunch, then another visit to the next place, a trip to the local bakery (omg yum), dinner at a nice restaurant, ending in us watching the lights on the Eiffle Tower sparkle well into the early morning. I could have stayed forever.

The Louvre

I am so thankful for the moments that I have been able to live through this past year. The good and the bad. It has taught me a lot and at times it slapped me in the face, hard. With that being said, I see what I want and am going for it full force.

I have spend the last month working with a new group of athletes and a new coaching staff. Part of the reason I haven’t written in so long is that 1) adjusting to waking up early is crazy hard and 2) adjusting to a new training schedule, full time hours and a lot of “newness” – pretty sure that’s not a word but we’ll go with it…. – let’s just say it’s tiring and takes some time to get things flowing!

I’m glad to be back and am excited to share my adventures in 2019! Last year was kind of a blur and my blog suffered from that, but I’m stoked and I’m ready to take you guys with me around the world and behind the scenes of our road to Lima 2019!




Hi again!

I provided my favourite breakfast options a while back and so I thought I would also share my favourite “Bars” for practice. They are high in Iron and Fibre and as we are also getting closer our Team Selection Camp, these are a great little addition to your lunch box during long days!

My boyfriend found these from a cafe that he goes to with his cycling buddies, Le Club Espresso Bar. They were designed by the managers girlfriend in an attempt to create an energy bar with natural sugars. They are pretty easy to make and incredibly tasty! We found the instructions online and thought it would be nice to share with you another snack you can enjoy!

You can use them as a quick snack, as a pre-workout or post-workout “meal”.


  • 2 cups oatmeal
  • 2 cups shredded coconut (unsweetened)
  • ¼ cup sunflower seeds
  • ¼ cup chia seeds
  • ¼ cup dried cranberries
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter (or any nut butter) *if not sticking as a soon more!
  • 1 ½ cup dried dates
  • Little bit of cinnamon


  • Pit the dates and put them in a saucepan with water. Boil for a few minutes to rehydrate the dates. Drain to remove as much water as possible.
  • Roughly chop dates
  • Slightly melt the peanut butter
  • Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix together by hand.
  • Quickly blitz the ingredients in a blender until you get a slightly sticky texture.** *you can also use your hands for this*
  • Pour the mixture into the pan and press to flatten until the top of the mixture is firm and even.
  •  Place in the fridge – wait at least one hour before cutting.

**If they don’t seem to be sticking, add a little bit of water or another spoon of peanut butter**

We keep them in the fridge or freezer (depending on the summer temperatures outside) and then enjoy them when we want a little snack!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Go check out Le Club Espresso Bar




So as most of you know, just a few weeks ago I competed in Riverside, CA for UANA…. The last time I went to a UANA competition, I was….. 17?? Maybe? Hahaha, so it was very different than the last time I went 7 years ago, but it was pretty great nonetheless.

After a few weeks off, post World Series in July, we started training a new group of women from different clubs (Dollard SynchroQuebec Excellence and Montreal Synchro) to prepare new routines (well, learn routines), prepare new duets and get everyone in great shape going into the competition. After a killer training camp with coaches Katie and Lillian, we were ready to go to California and have some fun!

There were some hiccups… like there are at most competitions…. it’s very rare to have the perfect scenario….VERY RARE. So of course, we battled through, made decisions on the spot like Pros and continued swimming.

I have to say…. California makes me feel blissful and relaxed. Almost like summer is swallowing you whole and telling you, “Lets take a vacation!” I don’t know why, maybe it’s the vibe of the people or just the heat, it made for an enjoyable experience. Though there were some crazy fires in the area, we stayed safe and I hope that things have started to clear up for the residence of Riverside as well!

In the end, we had some great swims and some not-so-great ones…. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t always go according to plan, but at least we battled through each situation, had some fun and made some memories with the people we love!

Naturally, we took some time off and while the pool at DDO was closed, we have been working in our own in gyms and pools to continue our National Team training before the start of the club season! As of two weeks ago, we were officially reunited with the lovely people at DDO! It feels so good to be back in a club and to be pushed every day by people that challenge you to be better!

Here’s to another great season!




Hey Friends!

I was so excited waking up last week to a package at my door from Garnier Canada! IMG_0458First of all, my hair has taken a beating. Being in chlorinated water every day as well as styling (though I like to mostly try stay natural) has caused A LOT of damage and breakage….. I am so excited to start using these nourishing products as it also adds to my excessive need for shampoo during the competition season!😉 (Gotta get that Knox out!!)

BUT I also have something for YOU, my followers! You have the chance to win a 3-day festival pass, 2 nights in a Montreal Hotel and professional festival hairstyling for you and a friend!

If you’re interested in this awesome contest opportunity click this 👉 LINK 👈 and sign up to win! Enter by this FRIDAY (July 27th, 2018) for a chance to win!!



Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite breakfast meals, after all it is the most important part of your day!

The best part about training in the afternoon is that I can wake up slowly. My boyfriend makes me a cup of coffee – as generally the sound and smell is enough to get my sleepy butt out of bed (LOL) then I start my breakfast, which I generally do for the two of us and then have coffee number two! It’s incredibly enjoyable to rise with the sun, enjoying every minute I have in the comfort of my home. My boyfriend on the other hand is an early riser, not eating first, but actually cleaning the apartment (thank goodness for that because the apartment is always spick and span! :P)

But back to the FOOD portion of my morning, it is incredibly important for me to have breakfast very soon after I walk up. I get “hangry” pretty fast!

So here goes! This is my daily breakfast when I have time…. It’s still pretty quick because I am impatient in the morning, but I will also provide my “Roll out of bed” breakfast too!!


  • one egg
  • egg whites (from carton) – as much as you choose
  • 1 tortilla
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1/2 tomato
  • spices to taste (for example: salt, pepper, mayo, salsa)

** You can also get creative and add what ever other veggies or protein you want (cheese, BACONNNNNNN????) if you have the time 🙂

Start by putting a little bit of butter in your pan. Wait until warm then crack egg and add egg whites to the pan. I like to scrabble my eggs, but this is all up to your personal preference. At this time while the eggs are not fully cooked, I add my salt and pepper – and most recently a small amount of green onions for taste! Once the eggs are cooked, lay out your tortilla and put in your condiments – this is also to your taste, but here is what I enjoy: a little bit of mayo, salsa, 1/2 tomato and the 1/2 avocado. I then top that off with my eggs and roll up my breakfast burrito!

You can add, change or play with many different flavours in your burrito, it’s up to you to find out what you like the most! 🙂

ROLL OUT OF BED OATS (commonly known as Overnight Oats)

  • jar or containerIMG_9388
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 3 heaping table spoons of plain Greek yogurt (0%)
  • 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • teaspoon vanilla extract
  • honey or maple syrup to your preference
  • raspberries (frozen or fresh) – to fill the container (or any other berry)

The night before your early morning, put all ingredients in your jar/ container – I do this in no particular order but I do leave the raspberries until the end. I add as many as I can until the jar is full. Then with a spoon or fork mix all of the ingredients. This can be tedious as you want to get all of the ingredients blended so that the dry ingredients soften overnight. Place the jar in the fridge and ENJOY in the morning!

You can also mix your ingredients in a bowl and then scoop everything into your container!

I hope you enjoy this little taste of my morning! Please let me know how these turn out for you and let me know if you would like more flavours for your oats! You can send me your suggestions or questions using the form below! xo


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