Wow, what a week!

It’s been incredible to be back competing with a club this year. The “family” atmosphere and support is something I haven’t experienced since I moved from Calgary back in 2012.

They tell us that as the National Team, we inspire the younger generation, but the same can be said about those that our hoping to make the team one day. Seeing these athletes love swimming, pushing through pain, believing in their teammates and being beyond happy for every member of their club…. it’s inspiring for us to see that too!

It shows us that there is more to this sport than just competing against others. We cheer each other on, whether they are from the same club or not and we are excited by our teammates success, whether we swam the routine or not.

I watched this week as Juniors cried tears of joy and found myself crying with them. I am so proud of each and every member of this club and can say that I saw so much improvement from the beginning of the year until now. I also had the privilege of coaching some of the Juniors this year and seeing where they came from, knowing how hard we worked together and sharing their National experience with them is something that I will cherish as well! I’m so happy for them, I feel my heart might explode!

It has really been an incredible week filled with SO many emotions! I’m so proud of everyone and I can’t wait to be back with them this summer to compete in California!

To the girls – enjoy the break and I’ll see you soon xoxo

Published by Claudia Holzner

Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

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