Calgary Reunion! 

What a weekend!! Such an incredible honour to be part of the Aquabelle 50th anniversary!! 

Gabe and I have been Aquabelles since the very beginning and have been through it all together! From our 1st team, which was “the monster mash” (LOL how cute!), through to our 8 years as a duet and to now where we have achieved almost, but not quite all, of our goals in this sport. Looking back on the 15 years of synchro is filled with so many awesome memories and also so many amazing people we met along the way!

Our synchro careers have been shaped by a very important community here in Calgary, many of whom we had the privilege of seeing again this weekend. There are so many people we have to thank for helping us get to where we are today and for also giving us all of the opportunities we have been given. (Especially our parents: Michelle, Suzanne, Sigi & Max!)
Thank you to those who have supported us in the past and who will continue to support us in the future! Seeing all of your faces cheering as we performed our “Greatest Hits” duet was such a blast and it was so nice to be back together again as a pair! 

Shout out to Courtenay for re-creating our 1st duet suit and thank you to everyone who came out to the premiere of “Perfect” in Edmonton and Calgary!! We are so proud to share this project with you! 

Special thanks to Debbie for inviting us to perform and to anyone I may have missed!!


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Welcome Back!

65 Days to the Olympic Qualifier

Hey Everyone!!

Nic and I visiting Panorama!

Today marks Team Canada’s first day back to the pool after our short, yet relaxing days off for the Holidays. There are only a few days left in December before we embark on our last 2 months to the Olympic Qualifier! Hard to believe time has gone by this quickly.

I had such a fantastic time with family and friends out West. Though I don’t get to travel back home very often now-a-days, it always feels as if I never left. I’ve gotta say, it’s so nice to be a little bit spoiled and taken care of by my parents again 😉 

Now that we are back to training, we didn’t waste any time getting back into the thick of it!! We came back exactly where we left off and are taking the appropriate steps to move forward towards our goals. I hope that the rest we took will give us an extra jolt of energy to get through our January training program… From there it will be about just making the final adjustments as well as attempting to perfect our programs!

The Family at the Zoo
The Family at the Zoo

Hope everyone is enjoying their family time! It is so important to get in as much as you can because, as I know too well, you will miss it once it’s gone!! Happy Holiday’s and a Happy New Year to all!


Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic day with friends and family! It has been a very cold week here in the West, let’s just say I was getting used to the unusually warm weather in Montreal… Visiting family and friends has been a bit of a shock to my system, as I don’t get to see them as often as I would like! 

In the days leading up to our VERY traditional family Christmas, my parents, the BF and I travelled to BC to take in some of the fresh mountain air! We went snowshoeing, enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountain atmosphere as well as taking advantage of Hot Springs and Spa facilities (because that’s what the holidays are about!) 

Of course our trip was short because we had to be back to spend the day with the family on the 24th! We had such a fantastic time sharing stories, laughing with each other and most importantly, catching up with all the family gossip! 😉 

Knowing how blessed I feel to be able to spend some quality time with the people I love, I wish you all the best this Holiday Season! Have fun, drink lots of egg nog and stay toasty!! 


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello Friends!!

Just sending out a quick message for everyone out there enjoying, what I hope is, a fantastic thanksgiving.

It is hard for me to not have a family to go home to on thanksgiving. This is the first year, since my move to montreal, that I haven’t had parents or family visit for the holiday. Although nothing can beat being home with my family, a few simple phone calls has calmed my homesick feeling.

the parentals
the parentals

So I guess this is the part where I tell people I am thankful to have the life I have and to be sharing it with the people I love. Both are true, but the best gift of all is knowing that everyone back in Calgary is doing well, though there have been trying times lately, they have managed to push through together and have made the best out of the circumstances.  I am proud to have such a loving family that supports my decisions to train across the country and live my dream. They have been such a blessing!!

Enjoy your time with family and never take it for granted.

With Love,


2015-2016 Season Begins

184 days until the Olympic Qualifier

Hey Everyone!

We’re back!!! I have to say, it has been very nice to reconnect with my synchro family again. 3 weeks, physically, is not enough for all of us to repair our bodies, but mentally it was time to come back.

This is going to be the toughest 6 months of our lives. This is it; our make it or break it moment that will change our futures. I know that many aspects of this sport are out of our control, though this angers me and it doesn’t feel “fair”, we can’t change that. The only thing we CAN do is decide that we want to go to the Olympics and work our butts off to get there. The sacrifices we’ve made for this sport are, for some people, insane, but for us it’s what we have to do to make our dreams reality.

We know it’s going to be hard. The odds are not currently in our favour… (Cue Hunger Games theme song)… I have never felt so heartbroken as I did after World Championships, but I am ready to fight and after seeing the girls train this 1st week I can proudly say that WE are ready to fight.

We have come back with great ideas and choreography which I think will be a game changer in the future. I can’t wait to see our routines fully formed. I know that if we can pull off some amazing routines and swim them like I know we can, we will be proud no matter the outcome… Although going to the Olympics would be “icing on the cake”.

Together we will move mountains.

– C