Hey everyone, 

I know I have been absent in my writing and I apologize for that because there truly is a lot that I could write about, but I am looking at this blog and feel the need to revamp! 

There have been a lot of changes in my synchro life, school life, life life (hahaha) that makes me feel the need to change my blogging technique as well! So I hope that that is something you will look forward to in the future and also please be patient with me until I figure out what I want this page to….. evolve to 🙂 

Now for something more serious…. I just recently watched Icarus on Netflix, the link to the trailer for the film is HERE. It is about last years Olympics and the doping scandal that came with it….. I would say it is a “must see” and also an incredibly important film! 

Last year while all of this was happening, as runner up for the Olympics, my team and I were waiting to see what WADA would decide, as were many Canadian athletes in other sports – some of whom would end up going to the 2016 Olympics… It is so deeply disturbing that doping is something that happens on a regular basis… all over the world I’m sure! 

I don’t care who you are or what sport you’re in, clean sport and fair play is why the Olympics are so inspiring! It takes incredible people to push their bodies to such a high standard and for people to use substance to get ahead….. it just hurts my heart. 

I have 15 years of hard work under my belt and have been tested enough times to know what is expected of me as an athlete in and out of competition. 
This is a must see.

– Claudia 


Breakfast TV and Global News

This morning Jeremie Battaglia and I went to Breakfast TV and Global News to promote the film perfect! 

Breakfast TV Montreal

The film is about the struggles and obstacles we (Synchro Canada) had to overcome to achieve our goals. Although we will not make our Olympic debut this summer in Rio, we have learnt from our experiences and will move forward towards Tokyo 2020. 

For Calgarians, pick up the Calgary Herald today for an article on perfect and more information about how we are going to get the film across the country! Or click this LINK for the full article online! 

Canada’s road to Rio: Perfect

Watch CBC Firsthand tomorrow at 9pm EDT for the TV version and we also invite you to come to Cinema du Parc August 4th – 6th at 7pm EDT for the theatre experience! 

I’ll be there all 3 days to answer your questions and greet you after the screening! 


Evolution of Synchro

Hey Everyone!! 

Click Here for some new footage of our training and  Click Here for a new article on Team Canada and the Evolution of Synchro!! 



I wake up at 5:30am almost every morning. At least on the days we start at 7am… I eat my breakfast and make some coffee because at 21 years old I already need a good cup of joe to start the day. Within 20 mins I have eaten, packed a bag and am on the bus. This is my morning ritual.

Unlike most paying jobs, I am at my workplace for 7-12 hours a day, 6 days a week. I don’t get paid overtime and I don’t make minimum wage, but I am doing what I love. This career, this opportunity, will only be around for the next 5 or 6 years of my life so why waste it worrying about having a “regular job” or planning a future that I don’t want to think about right now.  I have to admit, my career beyond synchro is very important to me and I have a lot to accomplish before I die, but I need this once-in-a-lifetime moment to happen first.

Training is hard. Every minute of my day is physically and mentally demanding from the moment I arrive in the morning until I walk out those doors; I am on. Lets face the facts here, Synchro trains more than any other Olympic sport and we are currently training for something that is not guaranteed. It’s crazy to think that in about 4 months we will be fighting for a spot that will take us to the Olympic Games. 14 years of training for this one “make it or break it” moment.

I have no regrets. I might dislike some of the workouts I will do in the future, but at least I know that those intense, painful hours of my day will take me somewhere not very many people can go.

I want us to go out with a BANG! To fight with so much courage that nothing can stand in our way. I want us to be as amazing as the Woman’s Hockey Team in Sochi, who, above all odds, came back in the last 3 minutes with 3 goals to win the game. The people who inspire me to wake up every day aren’t just other athletes, they are the fiercest athletes!! I want us to fight with as much passion as Ronda Rousey when she’s going for a knockout in 30 seconds. It’s all POSSIBLE!!! Others have done it and we can to! Look at the smiling faces in this picture. Just by glancing at it you can see that our hearts are full of joy and a sense of accomplishment. THIS is why I do my sport. One day I will be able to say that I made it. That WE made it. It is going to be hard, no doubt about that, but it is going to be so worth it!

Meeting Clara

160 days until the Qualifier

Hey everyone!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Clara Hughes, one of the most decorated and inspirational athletes to date. After reading her book, “Open Heart, Open Mind”, I realized how much she’s been through these last few years. It describes her struggle with depression leading to and during her many Olympics as well as how sport saved her from Alcohol and Drug abuse. It is beautifully written and I encourage others to read it!!!


I arrived downtown at 4:00pm. After driving around for a solid 20 minutes, I found some parking near the bookstore where she was supposed to be speaking… Losing my Visa Card in the process (which I only realized now) I pay for the parking and walk to the Indigo.

At 5:30pm Clara arrives. She speaks to the press, en français, and then has an interview in front of the waiting audience. She spoke about her past, her parents, her inspirations and of course, her husband who has clearly been a huge part of her journey to success. There were moments where you hear her voice crack, creating a feeling that this new chapter in her life about opening up has been difficult for her.

7:00pm: it’s finally my turn to meet my idol. She calmly turnClaras to me and says hello. Without a moments hesitation, I spill my entire story to her and explain my fears and struggles heading to the 2016 Olympic Games. She just listens; no interuption or telling me that she has to move on to the next person. Patiently, she looks at me with such kindness and understanding.

Clara explains to me that sometimes everything goes perfectly pre-games and whClara2en you get there, it all falls apart. Or other times, you’re at the point of breaking and when you get to the Games, you have the best competition of your life. You might pre-qualify and everything will be stress free leading up to the Olympics, or you will have to fight for that last spot. Basically, it will never go as planned, no matter how much you try to make it so.  She’s been through it all.

She emphasized the importance of working as a team; bringing each other up when it’s necessary. Her wisdom towards the Olympics and the struggles that come with such an event are so evident, even relating cycling to swimming. Clara put everything in perspective, transforming my recent feelings of panic to confidence.

How cool is this???
How cool is this???

Thank you Clara!!



New Year, New Focus

Day 6

Hello All!!

Welcome to our 2015 season!! We are very excited to announce that there are four new swimmers joining us this year:

• Gabrielle Boisvert (Quebec, QC)

• Rebecca Harrower (Edmonton, AB)

• Roxanne Morneau-Carrier (Quebec, QC)

• Elizabeth Savard (Laval, QC)

Big congratulations to these girls on joining our family! It’s going to be a great learning experience and worth every minute!!

As we start our new year, we have new goals and new expectations for each other.  This is the biggest year of our lives as we make our journey to the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, which will take place in August of 2016.  However, our qualification for these Games will take place in March of 2016, meaning that we must be very efficient and “on the ball” as we train for the swim that will change our futures!

We are also incredibly excited to have our new training facility at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC.

Olympic Stadium
Olympic Stadium

It has been an incredible welcome to the new pool with some amazing perks for our Canadian Athletes.  Soon there will be athletes from different sports including Synchronized Swimming, Speed Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Judo, Fencing, Speed Skating and many more!!

Synchro Pool with INS in background
Synchro Pool with INS in background

The facility gives us access to an incredible Locker Room, a Synchro

Dive Tank from Synchro Pool
Dive Tank from Synchro Pool

specific pool, two 50 metre pools, a new and improved dive tank, an amazing Weight Room with a large gymnasium and so much more; all with Face Recognition Software!!!


This new centre is going to give us the opportunity to train to our fullest capacity, starting with a great cross training program and our own pool to accommodate our needs for the next Olympics. This is exactly what we are going to need as we fight for our dreams!!


This year we are going to be working our butts off to improve our routines and get as fit as we possibly can towards competing at the Pan Am Games and World Championships later in the year.  2015 is going to be a major chance to work on our routines and change what we need to increase our scores for future competitions. Every second will have to count and I have a feeling that this team is up for the challenge!

rio logoWe have come very far from our 1st experience together as a team in 2013. Each year of this cycle we have evolved, welcoming new members and creating a new niche. The team knows what it’s going to take to get to where we need to be, now all we need is to show the world what we can do!! The time has come for us to buckle down and push the limits!!

– C