We’re done!!!!

Hey all!!

We’re done out last competition of 2014!!!! None of us thought this day would come. We have been working so hard to produce the best routines possible out of the time frame we had to make “Trophy Worthy” performances, causing the swims to just FLEW by!!


In overall standings, Canada came 3rd. We were aiming for higher ( of course ) but we are happy with the performances we gave considering certain circumstances. We had a ton of fun and are proud to finish the year with these swims.


Now it’s time for a much needed holiday with our families in our separate cities!!! Can not wait to finally see my friends and family again! Happy holidays from Team Canada!!

Thank you for your love and support this past year, we feed off of your energy and are hoping to give you more to look forward to in the future!!




We have arrived!!

Hey Everyone!!

Just sending you a quick update from China! It was about a 14 hr flight from Toronto to Beijing, but it’s always better travelling as a team…. There was lots of laughter!!

We have landed safely and are all settled in our hotel. We start official training tomorrow morning bright and early!! Getting pumped to compete and to also take in some of this amazing culture!

Due to lack of Internet access, I will do my best to keep you up-to-date on recent events and training! For any information on the competition, look up FINA and find the live feed (sorry I can’t post the link for you now…)

Anyway! Chat soon and enjoy!!



Last Days!!

Hey All!!

Today, the 2nd last day of training in Montreal before China and holidays, is complete!!! Since team trials we have been working extra hard to get all of routines ready for the World Trophy, which we will be competing at in exactly 1 week. We have tons of exciting stuff to bring to the table for the audience and we are confident that our presence will be memorable!


Team Canada can’t wait to show you what we’ve got! To watch the competition you can find the live feed HERE, which will start December 12th-14th.




Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve last written a post to share what’s going on on in the World of Synchro!!

We are back training hard, choreographing routines for the World Trophy Competition which will be held in December in China! It’s going to be a fun competition for us. We are allowed to use props in and out of the pool for added artistic affect for our routines, which are coming along!

A huge part of our current training is dry land. Since we are mostly in “choreography mode”, we still need to keep in shape doing weight and cardio workouts out of the pool, as well as in water workouts every day.

In light of Movember, which we will be participating, we have also created “Chin-O-Vember” which is our month long Chin Up Challenge!! Every day we will do a certain amount of Chin Ups and as the weeks progress we will increase the reps! Today was Day 1 starting with 5 reps. This is a great way to challenge your swimmers, teammates, friends etc to work towards a fitness goal! If you would like to participate and share your story, tweet me @claudiaholzner using the Hashtag #chinovember!!

Another fun piece I have to share with you is our Toronto 2015 interview we did while training at the Pan Am pool which we will be competing next year! Enjoy!!
Synchro Canada’s National Team talks TORONTO 2015
Much Love,