Day 1

Hello All, Today was day 1 of our experience in China. We all had no idea what to expect, but so far it has been a trip to remember! We started the day with Official Training in the 2008 Paralympic Pool… The best part is arriving in the morning at the Olympic village, giving usContinue reading “Day 1”

Last Days!!

Hey All!! Today, the 2nd last day of training in Montreal before China and holidays, is complete!!! Since team trials we have been working extra hard to get all of routines ready for the World Trophy, which we will be competing at in exactly 1 week. We have tons of exciting stuff to bring toContinue reading “Last Days!!”


So here’s an idea! A “Throwback Thursday” version of how I started my Synchro Career! Now….. Taking it way back to the year 2000. I was in Gymnastics at the time, age 6, watching my favourite Olympian compete. His name is Kyle Shewfelt. The entire club was watching him at his 1st Olympic games. IContinue reading “#throwbackthursday”