Now that the jet lag has subsided…. kinda… and that normal life has begun again, here is my take on how you can be comfortable on a flight/trip to Asia…. YOU CAN’T. – sorry to burst your bubble, it’s not fun, but there are ways to make it better!  I love getting on the plane toContinue reading “HOW TO MAKE A FLIGHT TO ASIA MORE COMFORTABLE…”

We’re done!!!!

Hey all!! We’re done out last competition of 2014!!!! None of us thought this day would come. We have been working so hard to produce the best routines possible out of the time frame we had to make “Trophy Worthy” performances, causing the swims to just FLEW by!! In overall standings, Canada came 3rd. WeContinue reading “We’re done!!!!”

Day 1

Hello All, Today was day 1 of our experience in China. We all had no idea what to expect, but so far it has been a trip to remember! We started the day with Official Training in the 2008 Paralympic Pool… The best part is arriving in the morning at the Olympic village, giving usContinue reading “Day 1”

We have arrived!!

Hey Everyone!! Just sending you a quick update from China! It was about a 14 hr flight from Toronto to Beijing, but it’s always better travelling as a team…. There was lots of laughter!! We have landed safely and are all settled in our hotel. We start official training tomorrow morning bright and early!! GettingContinue reading “We have arrived!!”

Last Days!!

Hey All!! Today, the 2nd last day of training in Montreal before China and holidays, is complete!!! Since team trials we have been working extra hard to get all of routines ready for the World Trophy, which we will be competing at in exactly 1 week. We have tons of exciting stuff to bring toContinue reading “Last Days!!”