Now that the jet lag has subsided…. kinda… and that normal life has begun again, here is my take on how you can be comfortable on a flight/trip to Asia…. YOU CAN’T. – sorry to burst your bubble, it’s not fun, but there are ways to make it better! 

img_1870I love getting on the plane to go on an adventure, but once I am up in the air for more than 6 hours I am a mess of muscle pain, twitching (until I actually punch my neighbour while I sleep) and a lot of restless and angry faces being made because I just can’t find a comfortable position.

One thing you can do is: come prepared. Though I’m not guaranteeing anything, it’s taken me 60 hours of travel and 5 trips to Asia to even START figuring out that these would have been some easy solutions to my problems. Happy travelling everyone!

Neck Pillow
The most uncomfortable thing in the world is sleeping sitting up. I don’t know how people do it, I end up spending the many hours sitting there staring off into space because I can not get comfy. Step one in the right direction is to get yourself a blow up neck pillow – they are small, easy to pack and they will save yourself from a kink that definitely would have occurred if you didn’t have it!

Eye Mask
Item #2 is awesome. If you can’t sleep with the lights on or always find yourself looking at whats going on around you (🙋🏼‍♀️) then this is what you need. 

Ear Plugs
Yes please! You never know what you’re going to get on a plane… Maybe a baby or some kids, a weird noise that just doesn’t seem to go away, a snoring neighbour or maybe you’re just right beside the washroom….. silence is the key to sleep – at least for me! 

Lip balm
Ok this is probably weird for some people, but I absolutely believe that Lip Balm has additives in it to make you use it more often…. for that reason I use nipple cream. Yep. You read that right. It’s safe and with one application I am good for the entire day. 

Scarf or Shawl
Get bundled. Best way to get comfortable is to be snuggled in something you like. Sometimes those blankets just don’t even do the trick – it also doubles as an accessory for your travels!

Compression Socks
Yep. Swollen feet SUCK! That’s why everyone should travel with their own compression socks (minimum) or compression pants. This will help you feel more like a human being after the long flight and you will be ready to take on the town in your nice shoes!

Tooth Brush
I don’t sleep without brushing my teeth, some people may be able to, but I find it really gross. So I always have a travel sized tooth brush and tooth paste with me to make sure that my teeth feel super clean!

Extra Underwear/Clothes
Yep. That too. After 13 hours of travel – or more if you have a transfer etc – it is always nice to feel clean and like a person again… 

There isn’t anything more annoying or nasty for your neighbour than sniffling the entire plane ride. Get yourself some Kleenex for the road. Even if you don’t have the sniffles, you will be able to wipe your hands or share with someone in need.

Sleeping Pills
Ok so this one is tricky. I use Melatonin. If it doesn’t work for you, you could always opt for something stronger! Adjusting to the time in Asia is incredibly difficult and when you are running on limited amounts of sleep and competing 15 hours a day, you need to find a solution. Set your watch to the time of your destination and sleep during their night time hours. That way you will start to adjust and it might (just might) make it easier for when you arrive.

Reusable Water Bottle 
HYDRATE! It’s so important and there is no reason to be afraid of using the toilets on the plane. It’s ok! I’ve seen crazy things and believe me, eating and drinking water on a flight > passing out because you wanted to avoid the washroom…

Face Wipes or Face Wash
On to skin care….. On a flight this long (or any flight for that matter), your skin will look like an alligator by the end of it whether you have makeup on or not. Fortunately, you have a lot of hours to make your face feel extra hydrated and happy. Bringing some face wipes or face wash on the plane will make your face feel fresh and clean!

Face Cream/Face Masks/Body Cream
Hydrating stuff in general. Like I said above, the air on the plane is extremely dry and by the end of this flight you will feel like you want to scrub off all your skin. SO a tip would be to bring a face mask or at the very least cream! It might be a bit awkward, but you know what, if it makes you feel better to have a huge amount of cream on your face then go for it. 

AND Don’t even try to wear makeup… 
Makeup is harsh on your skin and if you wear it flying it will either crack off because your skin is so dry or it will look like you are really oily. Best solution is to bring a minimal amount of makeup that you can apply just before landing – if you don’t need makeup, amen to that and all the power to ya! 


Now for 3 tips:

Walk up and down those aisles!
Get the blood flowin’. If you can’t sleep or just can’t sit still because your body is aching, go take a walk and don’t worry what other people think. Take your time and make it worth it. After all you have lots of it! 

Have things to keep you occupied
A book (or 2), an iPad a Laptop… There are only so many things that are fun to do on a plane, but if there is a way to keep your mind occupied for some of the flight, there is #1 – more of a chance you will sleep after and #2 – it will go by way faster! Download some new movies from Netflix before your flight or get some work done on your laptop, whatever works!

Dress comfortable – but not too comfy
First of all, no one appreciates it when people take their shoes off during a flight. I’ve done it so I can’t judge, but it’s not all that sanitary and it’s definitely not fun if you have stinky feet. The least you can do is put them in some slippers (like the thin ones you get at a hotel) and put your shoes on to go pee! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE MISS????? (🤢) and second of all, comfy is best. Leggings, sweats, sports bra, no bra (?) whatever you’re comfortable in is cool! 

This is about all I can possibly think about right now…. I hope that you all enjoy reading this Travel Tips blog and I wish you safe and happy travels to wherever you go next!

Until next time!





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