Our trip to Quebec

Hey Everyone!

So as most of you know already, last weekend Gabe and I made a courageous decision to drive to Quebec City for the Canadian Open Qualifier!

IMG_1691 2For those of you who follow my Instagram @claudiaholzner or my teams Instagram @syncanada2020 you would already know what we went through during that trip…. A quick recap: Went for a great lunch, popped a tire driving 100km/hr, changed the tire, got to the hotel and received the key to someone else’s room…awkward…. got a new room and met some synchro girls who had been running around trying to figure out where we were staying. That’s probably the best way to describe it all!

We were so excited to arrive at the pool the next morning to perform our Tech Duet for the first time in public and we are pretty happy about our swim! We have a ways to go and lots of little things to work on, but we are confident that our training plan is working and that we are on the right track as we get ready for Japan in just about a month!


I know that both Gabe and I truly felt a huge wave of support throughout the Synchro Community as we made our Canadian debut and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to give us positive comments and tips for our duet as well as just to chat and meet the next generation of excellent swimmers! Thank you for making us feel welcome and we can hardly wait to perform in front of you again at the Canadian Open in May!

Follow our journey using the hashtag #gabeclau in honour of our Aquabelle “mini me’s” xoxo




Last Day!

Hey everyone!!

Today marks Team Canada’s last day of training in Montreal before we leave for the World Cup!!

Time has flown by. We all thought that the weeks from the Spanish Open until the now would be a long time, but with the way we have been training and how hard we’ve been working, it went so quickly.

It’s been amazing to see this team come together. We have become a new group of girls in the last couple weeks, with more determination than ever to show the world what we are made of. We have struggled together, pushed our limits together and now we almost ready compete together.

We have 2 weeks of hard training left before we need to show our best on the world stage. “Almost” is a great word to describe where we are right now! Our coaches are keeping us on a strict schedule and we trust them to bring the team to our PEAK level at the perfect moment. Training in Toronto is going to be where we will work out all of the imperfections and in the end we will have an amazing performance that everyone can enjoy!!

I will keep you updated on everything from Toronto and soon from the World Cup!

Much Love,



Hey Everybody!

This is a special day for our team!! 700 DAYS UNTIL THE 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES!

I know that seems far away, but it’s a step in the right direction!

Speaking about the right direction, we had an amazing practice today! This afternoon we did the hardest, most ridiculous routine workout we have ever done!! Not only did we survive, we created huge improvement in our routines. BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS were put into this workout (literally!!) and something this hard really showed us what our team is made of and how ready we are to face anything and everything!!!

700 days may still be far away, but our next chance to prove our worth as Team Canada is coming up much sooner. Our team will be performing at the World Cup in 26 days and we know that all of this hard work will pay off in our results. The World Cup in Quebec City is a great step towards Rio and we are very excited to make this journey into a reality!

Please keep supporting Team Canada and reading this blog for the inside scoop!! We are training hard to make our dreams and the dreams of young Canadians come true!

Much Love,