Demo Day

Hey Everyone!! Hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday, and wishing you a great week… Now to the good stuff!!

Today marks 1 week and 2 days before we start competing at World Cup!!  We’ve made so many leaps these last couple of weeks!  This team, these girls; are family.  Working with them every day can’t get much better.  All of our obstacles, goals, triumphs are dealt with together, as one unit!  We are almost there, it’s so close we can taste it!  I am so proud to be working with these ladies.  All of the pieces are finally coming together and soon we will impress the world at the Cup!

Today we shared our routines to spectators for this years competition.  We had Open Training for an hour, to let our audience see what we do on a daily basis and then ended the day with a Demo.  During our swims, we had Toronto Media come to support us and the new 2015 Toronto Pan Am Aquatic Centre, which has been a fantastic facility for us to be training at.


Also in attendance, Scott Russell, CBC Sport broadcaster who has 11 Olympic Games under his belt, came out to show us some love!! His inspiring words of wisdom gave us chills before swimming our last event of the day! He shared with us his passion and made us believe that we are capable of everything!! It made today even more special having an Olympic Broadcaster introduce our team and every member that has worked so hard to get us to where we are!


In closing, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in today’s event. We are so blessed to have your love and support! Keep cheering for us at the World Cup and for the next 2 years going toward the Olympics in Rio!!

Much Love,


Published by Claudia Holzner

Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

One thought on “Demo Day

  1. Time flies and soon it will be time for Brazil and a wondrous opportunity to meet the world in competition as well as friends. I am excited for you. Enjoy your posts.


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