Hey Everyone!!

Back to work!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Monday, I know I did! Back in the beautiful outdoor pools of Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal, life is good.  Apart from burning my face today in the scorching sun, the training was a success; filled with laughs, improvements and best of all a huge audience.

Parc Jean Drapeau is a public pool, something we are not used to as Centre of Excellence athletes.  Normally our pool, in any other venue, is away from the public eye.  This gives us the privacy to work efficiently and without distraction. But on occasion, a crowd of cooing spectators is just what we need to keep our spirits alive and help us know that we truly are the best team in Canada.  It brings us joy to see how much you, the fans, care and love this sport!

Although today was a great day it was also a tough day.  It was our 1st day after the weekend (the dreaded Monday), as well as our 1st day back on our 6:45am – 6:00pm practices.  It was long and hot out there, but we were focused on our goal and ultimately we came out of the water happy with our performances.

We were also graced with the presence of our superstar teammate, Jacqueline Simoneau, who has just come home from the Junior World Championships in Finland!  She made us proud by WINNING the figure event and then later receiving a SILVER medal for her performance in the Solo event.  Global News reported her story of the Worlds as well as training with us on Team Canada. Congrats Girl!!

Jacqueline Simoneau Interview, Global News

Please check out her interview, and ENJOY!!



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