Photo Shoot


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and today is the perfect day to update you on life at the pool.

photo shoot

We had an all day photo shoot with Make Up Forever and Synchro Canada!  It was an exciting event for all of us.  It consisted of arriving early at the Make Up Forever Headquarters in Montreal, getting all “dolled up” by our amazing artists and then getting our pictures taken both in and out of the water.


This was my first underwater shoot!! Of course at the beginning I was nervous and wanted everything to be perfect, but once I got in the water and understood what I wanted from myself, the photos looked great!  The lighting itself was just spectacular! I have to send a huge thanks to everyone who participated in making this possible, it was a great day!

All of us had a team and individual underwater photo as well as a team shot out of the water, ending with a fashion shoot!! This project is definitely one that we are going to remember and hopefully we can get some good prints to show to the public in the future!!

(Just a little Preview!!)

Happy Hump Day and keep smiling!! After all, you have to cherish every moment, you never know how many more you’ll get!

Much love,


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