Morning adventures!!

Below is a little post I wrote this morning while filming for the Synchro Documentary!! It was too funny not to share!! 

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This morning is a special one! I have videographer, Jérémie Battaglia, here with me. He, as most of you know is doing a documentary on our team in which I will be featured as one of the characters in the film. 

Jérémie has asked me to write a post, one which he can film, because some of the documentary is about my writing, this blog and what we do on a daily basis….. So here we go!!  

5:30am: I hear a tiny knock on my door, I just woke up and luckily managed to throw on my workout clothes before he arrives. I make my lunch, put on the kettle and gradually start eating breakfast… This entire time Jérémie is doing his own thing, taking what he needs. The kettle starts to whistle and I quickly run to grab it… Quietly I hear “wait, can you do that again?” I put down the kettle, it whistles and I wait for my cue to enter the room. It’s funny how such a small, trivial thing, could make up a great shot. 

It’s 6am, after having just filmed my morning process, the two of us do a sprint to the bus stop so that we can catch the earliest ride on our way to the pool… I sit in my usual spot and start to write. It’s funny because the whole time I’m writing this to you, he is taking shots of me, running around the bus like a pro! Pretty sure he’s covered all the angles 😉  


6am bus ride
….Alright he’s done filming now! Time to close the iPad and enjoy the rest of our commute to the pool! 

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Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

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