Day 3 

Hello Everyone!! 

Looks like there has been a BOOM in the amount of people reading this blog, which is fantastic! I hope you enjoy our road to Rio, as well as our exciting experience here at the Pan Am Games! 

Moving on, Day 3 is complete!!! As an athlete it’s hard to always see the good things because we are always trying to be better, but this week has been great! 

Last October we were the 1st people to jump in this new pool! We experienced the opening of the facility as well as our own debut as a team. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve each and every day… And I must say, we have. This is OUR pool! We may not train here everyday, but we were the 1st athletes in the water one year ago and we are proud to be representing our country in a facility that we can call home. 

Here is a Short Video of our 1st experience at the TPASC! 

Tomorrow we will start our events for the Pan Am Games! We have Tech Duet and Tech Team, both of which we are becoming very confident in our performance. This is our time! Personally, I can not wait to get out there and hear the roar from our Canadian fans! Thank you for supporting us this far, now it’s time for us to show you exactly how hard we want this! GO CANADA!!!!! 


Just a few minutes ago a few of us went to the Welcome Ceremony for the Canadian Athletes at the Village… Such a fun experience! It’s finally happening. What we just witnessed makes the Games real and makes it feel as though all 700 (+) of us are in this together!!! Let’s do it Canada! Go for GOLD!!!! 


Live Feed for the events will be on Check it out for results and other fun information on our team and our fellow Canadian athletes! We are tougher than we look: Click Here for more!!! 

– C

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Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

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