So we are going to start with some moments of 2017. There was fun, excitement, stress, challenges and more, but all in all, there are some experiences that will last a lifetime.

Starting the list of amazing things is ICELAND. I can’t exactly describe to you the beauty, the intricacy, the depth, and the power this country has. but it is like a planet all on its own. The landscapes….. just WOW. A place where trees don’t grow, but intense green grass, black sand, lava and white moss takes over.

The freedom and tranquility I felt in Iceland is something I have never felt in my life. The idea that I could go where I wanted, when I wanted, was the first part that made this trip so awesome. I travelled with my duet partner, Jacqueline, as we had made the very spontaneous decision to book a week long trip about the same time we were arriving in Budapest (just a few weeks prior to our departure). As you can imagine, there were some bumps along the way….. ie. when I booked the hotel for 2018…. not 2017. OOPS****…… but that made the trip more fun and even more adventurous.

Iceland is a place with a vast array of landscapes. One minute you are driving through a green area and in one swift motion you are surrounded by black sand, an in the next, surrounded by lava rocks covered in white, squishy moss. It’s like someone wrote about it in a fictional book and it came to life. Each day you a shocked and perplexed by it’s beauty and it’s breathtaking features…. and we only made it through a small section of the Island!!

I might not be able to go back right away… but next time I go, I will definitely be doing the whole island!

This amazing part of my summer deserves two posts! Up next I will be sharing 11 places I traveled in Iceland and why each of them are so breathtaking….. As you can imagine, this post would have never ended if I didn’t cut it off here, but ICELAND and all of its beauty will be back soon!


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