I had planned to have more updates and with more frequency, but as it turns out training full time keeps me busy busy busy!

Being a new team, we in particular, are going through a learning process. Many new situations, some hard, some great, that are keeping us on our toes and will surely help us learn more about each other and how we function. I am excited by the progress we’ve made and can’t wait to make memories with this awesome group of women!

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading 2 very interesting books: “You Are A Badass” and “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. They are completely different but I found that they relate directly to my life, the world of sports and the situations that sometimes make us ask, “What? Why?”

I have been looking to these books to learn more about myself and how to become a better leader.


The “badass” book looks at YOU – how you can love yourself more, find out who you really are, how to change what needs to be changed and see your life in a higher frequency, thus making your life better (and kicking some serious a$$ while you’re doing it)! I was sceptical about this book in the beginning (you know it seemed like the self help, love yourself, meditate always, kind of book I thought I would never want to read….), but as I started reading more, I thought, “Dang, this actually makes sense!” I love the way it’s written and the messages inside…. Honestly my pages are completely full of yellow highlighter by now…… Rule #1: LOVE YOURSELF 😉


IMG_0524The “team” book is all about what makes a team dysfunctional and how, as a group, you can become the best team possible. The title sounds negative, I know, but trust me the book is wow. Instead of being a book that puts you through boring “how to’s” and lists of what is bad and what is good, it is actually a story. You, the reader, are put directly into the situation and in turn you really live the experience of these characters, which makes all the difference! It’s a thought-provoking book that is a clear guide on how to build successful and efficient teams. If you’re looking to gain leadership skills or just check to see if you’re on the right track, get it now. I found myself reading and nodding, whether it was something I knew I needed to learn or something that we had succeeded on. It’s really interesting!

I would definitely recommend these two books if they relate to you somehow or if you’re in a pickle and need something to help you get out of your funk. I thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait to start using the knowledge I received!



Have any good, inspiring reads for me? I would love to hear your suggestions or hear about what you thought about mine! Use the contact form below to share 🙂

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Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

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