Hey everyone!

I am definitely a person that needs variety and a PLAN when it comes to being at home (which I am realizing now that I’ve been in isolation for 5 days…), so that being said,  I’ve dug up some of my old plans from my trainer back in 2018 (Thanks Tiffany!!!) and I’m going to share them with you!

For today’s workout, I thought it would be fun to try out something that is a game of chance…..

The Card Game Workout 

For this you will need a deck of cards (or 2 if you’d like???). Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile in front of your workout space!

For the reps: take the number on the card and DOUBLE IT. When you’re required to do something with time, take the number on the card and ADD A ZERO (indicated below)! The numbers for J, Q and K are 11, 12 and 13.

The first time you pick a suit, you do the 1st exercise in that list, 2nd time you pick the same suit you do the next exercise and so on. Once you have finished all 3 exercises in that suit, you start at the top of your exercise list and continue!

** For and example, scroll to the bottom**

ALL A =  rest one minute

Hearts = ARMS

– Jumping Jack Push-ups

– Walkouts (aka inchworms)

– Hi-lo Planks

Clubs = ABS

– Hollow Body Rocks

– Plank Hold (add 0 for time)

– Single Leg Sit Ups

Diamonds = LEGS

– Double Pulse Squat Jumps

– Jump Lunges

– Squat Hold (add 0 for time)

Spades = TOTAL

– Burpees to floor

– Mountain Climbers (add 0 for time)

– Snap Jumps (start in plank, jump both legs in to hands and back to plank)


CARD 1 = 2 of hearts

          • You will do 4 reps of Jumping Jack Pushups

CARD 2 = 5 of diamonds

          • You will do 10 reps of Double Pulse Squat Jumps

CARD 3 = 10 of hearts (It’s second time you picked hearts so you do the next exercise)

          • You will do 20 reps of Walkouts (ouchhhhhh haha)

CARD 4 = J of Spades

          • You will do 22 reps of Burpees to the Floor

CARD 5 = 6 of Spades

          • You add a 0 and do 60 sec of Mountain Climbers

Hope you enjoy this workout. I always find it harder than it looks on paper haha! It’s a sweaty workout that will keep you guessing because you don’t know what’s coming next! Have fun!



Please make sure to stay healthy, if you don’t feel good doing this workout make sure to stop and always drink lots of water!


Published by Claudia Holzner

Hello Everyone!! I am a synchronized swimmer on the Canadian National Team. Follow my blog to get an inside look at what it is like to be an elite athlete! Enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “LET’S PLAY THE CARD GAME!

  1. Hello Claudia,
    Hope you’re well, safe and organized (and your parents too)!
    I’m doing well, working quite hard in this crazy time.

    As you know I’ve been following you, and read your blog posts with great interests, great job and thanks for sharing!

    Question: can I use this blog post as an example in my presentation to the Canadian MPC community on what athletes do, how they lead, what they communicate in this time of #stayhome #itcouldsavelives #self-isolation and #stayingactive?

    Figure I would ask permission before I include in my presentation.

    Take care, Frank van den Berg


    1. Hi Frank!

      Thanks for the comment! It’s such a crazy time, but everyone is doing well! I imagine you would be busy, it’s definitely a time that can me trying on Mental Health! Hope you and your family are staying healthy as well!

      For sure you can use this blog!

      Stay safe!!


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