THE NEW YEAR… About a month late…

2018 has come and gone and honestly THANK THE UNIVERSE. I am not going to lie, this was a tough year. Looking back on everything there was a lot of amazing experiences I had the opportunity of living but they were dragged down by a negative cloud that seemed to make everything just a little bit less enjoyable…. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I am glad that that portion of my year is over. I’ve let go of A LOT of negative energy and am ready to look at my favourite moment of 2018.

In 2018 I was able to travel to Amsterdam and Paris with my favourite human. It was the highlight of my year and the most enjoyable trip I’ve ever had. I think the best part about it was having no plan, no agenda, just going with the flow and enjoying every minute we got to spend in those amazing places.

Lux airBNB in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. My god. Beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but there was SO much to see and do! I think the first day we walked like 30 Kilometres, stayed out way too late and had blisters on our feet from everything we had managed to do that day. We stayed in a luxury airBNB (We paid for a room in a house) but to our surprise no one was there during our stay, so we had the entire place to ourselves… which was… uh wow.

Paris. Oh La La. Wow. Speechless? Almost haha! We had an apartment between the Eiffle Tower and the Arc de Triumph, so naturally we walked to the Tower every single morning and every morning we were shocked by how amazing it was. Each day was a new adventure that started out with our beautiful walk to the Tower, followed by museums or palaces etc, a fresh baguette, cheese and wine for lunch, then another visit to the next place, a trip to the local bakery (omg yum), dinner at a nice restaurant, ending in us watching the lights on the Eiffle Tower sparkle well into the early morning. I could have stayed forever.

The Louvre

I am so thankful for the moments that I have been able to live through this past year. The good and the bad. It has taught me a lot and at times it slapped me in the face, hard. With that being said, I see what I want and am going for it full force.

I have spend the last month working with a new group of athletes and a new coaching staff. Part of the reason I haven’t written in so long is that 1) adjusting to waking up early is crazy hard and 2) adjusting to a new training schedule, full time hours and a lot of “newness” – pretty sure that’s not a word but we’ll go with it…. – let’s just say it’s tiring and takes some time to get things flowing!

I’m glad to be back and am excited to share my adventures in 2019! Last year was kind of a blur and my blog suffered from that, but I’m stoked and I’m ready to take you guys with me around the world and behind the scenes of our road to Lima 2019!



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