Morning adventures!!

Below is a little post I wrote this morning while filming for the Synchro Documentary!! It was too funny not to share!! 

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This morning is a special one! I have videographer, Jérémie Battaglia, here with me. He, as most of you know is doing a documentary on our team in which I will be featured as one of the characters in the film. 

Jérémie has asked me to write a post, one which he can film, because some of the documentary is about my writing, this blog and what we do on a daily basis….. So here we go!!  

5:30am: I hear a tiny knock on my door, I just woke up and luckily managed to throw on my workout clothes before he arrives. I make my lunch, put on the kettle and gradually start eating breakfast… This entire time Jérémie is doing his own thing, taking what he needs. The kettle starts to whistle and I quickly run to grab it… Quietly I hear “wait, can you do that again?” I put down the kettle, it whistles and I wait for my cue to enter the room. It’s funny how such a small, trivial thing, could make up a great shot. 

It’s 6am, after having just filmed my morning process, the two of us do a sprint to the bus stop so that we can catch the earliest ride on our way to the pool… I sit in my usual spot and start to write. It’s funny because the whole time I’m writing this to you, he is taking shots of me, running around the bus like a pro! Pretty sure he’s covered all the angles 😉  


6am bus ride
….Alright he’s done filming now! Time to close the iPad and enjoy the rest of our commute to the pool! 


Fan Mail

155 day until the Qualifier

Hello Friends!!

Have ideas or questions that could make a great post?? Now you can with Aquae Vitae‘s new email. Below you will find an email address that is specifically for this blog and its followers. Please feel free to send me comments, concerns or anything else that you think could benefit Team Canada and/or other readers!! fan-mail

P.S If you’ve got a great idea or question that I could answer on Aquae Vitae, your answer will appear as the winner of a new category called “Fan Mail” (Cheesy I know, but awesome!)

Looking forward to your feedback:



157 days until the Qualifier

Hello Everyone,

Today I dedicate my blog to the wonderfully inspiring, Vanessa. In the recent European Games in Baku, Vanessa and two of her teammates were victim to a horrific bus accident at the Athletes Village. The news of this incident hit us hard half way across the world and we have been praying for them ever since. Her two teammates have recovered well, but it has come to our attention that Vanessa, after multiple surgeries is now Paraplegic.

So we ask all of you to support Vanessa in this fight. Her courage has taken her this far and with our help we can show her how much her bravery has touched us around the world. We give you this small challenge: Post a picture or video of you doing Synchronized Swimming with the hashtag #SwimForVanessa and show your support for this brave woman.

I accept the #SwimForVanessa challenge and I challenge all of you to support this lovely lady!


Meeting Clara

160 days until the Qualifier

Hey everyone!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Clara Hughes, one of the most decorated and inspirational athletes to date. After reading her book, “Open Heart, Open Mind”, I realized how much she’s been through these last few years. It describes her struggle with depression leading to and during her many Olympics as well as how sport saved her from Alcohol and Drug abuse. It is beautifully written and I encourage others to read it!!!


I arrived downtown at 4:00pm. After driving around for a solid 20 minutes, I found some parking near the bookstore where she was supposed to be speaking… Losing my Visa Card in the process (which I only realized now) I pay for the parking and walk to the Indigo.

At 5:30pm Clara arrives. She speaks to the press, en français, and then has an interview in front of the waiting audience. She spoke about her past, her parents, her inspirations and of course, her husband who has clearly been a huge part of her journey to success. There were moments where you hear her voice crack, creating a feeling that this new chapter in her life about opening up has been difficult for her.

7:00pm: it’s finally my turn to meet my idol. She calmly turnClaras to me and says hello. Without a moments hesitation, I spill my entire story to her and explain my fears and struggles heading to the 2016 Olympic Games. She just listens; no interuption or telling me that she has to move on to the next person. Patiently, she looks at me with such kindness and understanding.

Clara explains to me that sometimes everything goes perfectly pre-games and whClara2en you get there, it all falls apart. Or other times, you’re at the point of breaking and when you get to the Games, you have the best competition of your life. You might pre-qualify and everything will be stress free leading up to the Olympics, or you will have to fight for that last spot. Basically, it will never go as planned, no matter how much you try to make it so.  She’s been through it all.

She emphasized the importance of working as a team; bringing each other up when it’s necessary. Her wisdom towards the Olympics and the struggles that come with such an event are so evident, even relating cycling to swimming. Clara put everything in perspective, transforming my recent feelings of panic to confidence.

How cool is this???
How cool is this???

Thank you Clara!!




168 days until the Qualifier.

5:30 am. After a very restless night, I hear Christina Agulara’s song “Fighter” blaring through my phone. She’s been waking me up like this for 3 years…. Though my boyfriend hates the sound of her voice already, I can’t seem to get myself to change it. I made Christina my alarm for one reason: to remind myself to fight in spite of all the people who had put me down in the past. It keeps the fire burning to this day.

Now, puffy eyed and exhausted…. On a Wednesday I must add….. I get ready for my 1st 7am start in months. Boy does this suck. I forgot what waking up this early feels like. It’s still pitch black outside with nothing but the lights of skyscrapers peeking through the window shades. I start to move, quiet and confused, not wanting to turn on the light. I look for some easy workout clothes, stuff that I can drench with sweat… Oh wait! That’s my entire wardrobe!

20 minutes left before departure to the pool I pour a bowl of cereal. Casually looking through my phone as I chow down on my morning crunch (I think that’s what it was called) I reply to emails and read my notifications from the night before. Just something to keep my mind off the day ahead. The dreaded circuit workout.

10 minutes to go I jump back in my bed for one last snuggle. Not wanting to leave the comfort of the covers. Though I know that once I step outside I’ll feel ready for the day, those last few minutes in my bed are everything.


Time for an update! 

171 days until the Olympic Qualifier

Hello There!

I am proud to say that there is a lot of excitement surrounding this new season. Obviously, there is some stress as well, but we have a ton of great things coming to us as we prepare for our “race to the finish line”.

We have started creating some new routines for the Qualifier. These take time, but we have made fantastic headway opening our minds to new ideas and storylines.  We have managed to find some inspiration through a theme, which took us approximately 2 weeks to agree upon, but finally it’s something we can visualize ourselves competing internationally and swimming with excitement. 

I have been named tech team captain, to help Marie-Lou Morin as we will now be sharing responsibility for the team. This is a new challenge for me as I must be positive enough to encourage, but tough enough to strive for results from the girls (and myself).  I think this opportunity will teach me amazing things for my future not just as a synchronized swimmer but also as an individual. Those who know me understand how much I expect from my teammates as well as how much pressure I put on myself to be the best I can be. I am thrilled to see how much progress we can make in the coming weeks and will try to update this blog more often, as I am finally accustomed to my daily routine! 

Until next time,