Rio De Janeiro

Day 48

I would like to say a quick hello from Rio!! Team Canada is here for our 1st training camp of the season; a trial run for the Pre-Olympic and Olympic Preparations.


Today is our day off here in Brazil, meaning we had the opportunity to tour this incredible city. Starting with the famous stairs, called Escadaria Selarón. They are so famous because there are tiles from every country around the world as well as other creative arts, making a beautiful staircase in the city centre. We found the ‘Canada tile’ pretty quickly!


Next stop: Christ the Redeemer, which has to be one of the most breathtaking experience a person could have. I have now been to Rio twice now and each time I’ve been able to see the sites, my heart leaps for joy. It’s a place that you should definitely put on your bucket list!!


After our Brazilian lunch, we met our COC coordinator, Andre, to take us to the 2016 Olympic Village! It was so amazing to see the models and plans for the Games, which we are fighting to be a part of! Andre showed us where our training centres will be as well as the Olympic Park, the Village and the Canadian Performance Centre… Just seeing what the Games will look like, sparks a flame so bright inside us. It has been an amazing day for Team Canada!


Back to training tomorrow!!

– C


Our Head Coach

Day 44

Hey Everyone,

Here is a fantastic article on Team Canada’s Head Coach, Meng Chen! If there is something I’ve learnt from her it’s to be happy to be criticized multiple times, it means she’s watching for your improvement. Be scared when she stops correcting you. And absolutely EVERYTHING she does has a purpose, no question.


Coach, Meng Chen

– C

Happy Saturday!!

Day 33

Hello All!

Happy WEEKEND!! The team and I have had a great week at the pool. Although we did have a very tough training schedule, we pushed through and made it to today! I just want to take this moment to say how proud I am of this team. We have been working incredibly hard; mentally, physically and emotionally, to meet the standards of our coaches. It’s Saturday and are ready for a much needed rest day!

Excited to have a team brunch tomorrow with the girls!


– C


Day 30

Hello Everyone,

This last month has been crazy. As most of you know, Team Canada has been training incredibly hard as we get ready for this years Pan American Games in Toronto and FINA World Championships in Russia.

We have changed our training plan quite dramatically, starting with increased strength and cardio sessions, flexibility sessions, as well as much more speed swimming. To add to the list, we have been testing our technical skills as well as learning new skills to keep us fit for the future. Last week, in just 3 days, we trained 36hrs.

It has been a great start to our season. Now that we are getting more fit, there are no signs of us “lightening up” heading into this year. The Olympics, though they seem far away, are just around the corner. Take into consideration that in just one year and 1 month from now we will be fighting to qualify for the Games! This is crunch time!!

Sending updates soon! Thank you for being patient, time is limited when you’re at the pool 12 hours a day! 🙂


– C