Final Moments

Hey Everyone!

So for those of you who have me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, you may have already seen this incredible video, but for those of you who haven’t…. this is a very beautiful clip of what happens right before we compete.

Jeremie Battaglia Photography

Before the smiles turn on, there is a lot of nerves and stress.  The audience sees us as 8 identical girls who all have the biggest and happiest expressions on our face, but its not all kittens and rainbows.  This team is fighting.  We have so far to go and little time to get there.  We know that our actions and performances at every competition count towards our Olympic Dreams and at this point, we have no where to go but up!!  There is always pressure to be on the top, but most of all we want the best performances possible!


Before this swim, there had been mistakes. Unexpected and probably because of nerves, but they were mistakes none the less… We needed to prove to our audience andour supporters that we were ready and that our team is good enough to be at the next Olympic Games in Rio.  As Head Coach: Meng Chen said, “No Pressure!!”


Team Canada is leaving for CHINA in about a week!!!  Its another great chance for us to compete before we are on Christmas holidays, a fun week together to end the season!!

Enjoy the clip!

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National Team Selection

Hey Everyone!!

Tomorrow is the start of our 3 day National Team Selection here in Montreal!! It’s going to be a tough couple of days, but we are feeling ready to bring our ‘A’ game and hoping that other applicants are ready to perform as well. It’s always a pleasure to see new talent coming up to reach for their Olympic dreams…

Good Luck to all athletes!! It’s going to be a great way to show what we have to offer as well as ensure some healthy competition!

Much Love,



Hey Everyone,

Today is a great day to have a Throwback to the day that changed my life, and I guess the best way to explain why this specific day was a pivotal moment, is to start from the beginning.

I started synchro at the age of 8.  I was always very competitive as a child and even at that early stage of my life, I knew I wanted to be an Olympian.  Now let me tell you right now, I was not a talented young synchro swimmer… I had a floatable nose clip that would fall off every time I jumped in the pool, causing me to stop the routine and swim around like a chicken with its head cut off…. My coaches loved it when I finally lost that one!!  I never really realized what this sport entailed until I was paired with this girl.

synchro PEI5

I received a duet with the person who would become my best friend and life long duet partner.  We immediately had chemistry and even though we were very opposite swimmers, we fit perfectly.  We moved through the ranks together and eventually made our way to the top teams in Calgary.  Both of us had very specific goals for ourselves and each other.  Of course we were competitors in individual events, but as soon as we were together, it was all business!

Westerns 2012
Yes there are 2 people in this photo!

This girl has to be the calmest competitor I have ever had the pleasure of swimming with.  I was always the one who needed to be in my own little bubble (silently panicking), while she was dancing around and laughing before we walked out for our performance.  It was our balance scale.  She pumped me up and my paranoia made sure we were on the same page.  Through the years we grew together, learnt together, and basically lived together at the pool!

Years later, we were on the right path to becoming National Champions in Calgary, in front of our home crowd.  A slight obstacle came at us like a wall, when I received my concussions.  It was definitely a struggle and we really had to fight to get to where we needed to be in order to achieve our goal.  There was tension and frustration, but we knew that we only needed each other to live out our dreams.

synchro PEI27
National Champions 2011

That day of competition both of us were dancing! Smiling, laughing and at ease because we knew that no matter what happened we had done absolutely everything to prepare for the swim ahead of us.  It was just me and her.  I saw my parents, my family, her family, our coaches and teammates watching in anticipation.  It was as smooth as peanut butter! We had done it.  After months of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, we had that Gold medal around our necks.

IMG_7118 - Version 2
National Champions 2012

It’s been over 12 years and we have gone on to compete around the world together.  Now striving to achieve our biggest goal yet, competing side-by-side with Team Canada at The Olympic Games.

Love Always,



Hey everyone!!

Hope you have all had a pleasant week, and soon to be a great weekend!!

Training has been intense to say the least! It’s time for us to get out butts kicked and get back in shape! The sweat life is the good life. 😉

With that said… How is the challenge I have given you?? Team Canada is sticking to it, supporting our own fitness and strength as we get closer to Team Selection and China! All of you are definitely capable to complete this chin up challenge, take them one at a time if you need!! Let’s go!!


I look forward to hearing some feedback! Remember you can find me on Twitter @claudiaholzner, Facebook, and Instagram… Just use #chinovember and share your experiences with me. Good luck!!!

Much Love,



Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve last written a post to share what’s going on on in the World of Synchro!!

We are back training hard, choreographing routines for the World Trophy Competition which will be held in December in China! It’s going to be a fun competition for us. We are allowed to use props in and out of the pool for added artistic affect for our routines, which are coming along!

A huge part of our current training is dry land. Since we are mostly in “choreography mode”, we still need to keep in shape doing weight and cardio workouts out of the pool, as well as in water workouts every day.

In light of Movember, which we will be participating, we have also created “Chin-O-Vember” which is our month long Chin Up Challenge!! Every day we will do a certain amount of Chin Ups and as the weeks progress we will increase the reps! Today was Day 1 starting with 5 reps. This is a great way to challenge your swimmers, teammates, friends etc to work towards a fitness goal! If you would like to participate and share your story, tweet me @claudiaholzner using the Hashtag #chinovember!!

Another fun piece I have to share with you is our Toronto 2015 interview we did while training at the Pan Am pool which we will be competing next year! Enjoy!!
Synchro Canada’s National Team talks TORONTO 2015
Much Love,