We’re back!!!!

Good morning everyone!!!

It’s bright and early here in Montreal as we head to the Olympic Stadium for training. We have about 7 weeks to go before we head to CHINA for the World Trophy! It will be my 1st time travelling to China as well as the fun fact the we are swimming in the Water cube, which was the venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics!! It’s going to be an extremely fun competition with some new surprises for the audience!

In the mean time, we have a lot of work ahead of us!! Going to push right till the end!!

Much Love,



The End!!

Hey Everyone!!

This is the ending to the perfect story…

We started this year at the bottom. Beginning again with a new group of girls and new challenges. We jumped around ideas and routines, trying to find the perfect way to showcase our strengths.


We were the underdogs. Trying to make a name for ourselves as we competed around the world. Germany, France, Japan, Spain, and Canada. Every swim we had together taught us something, another piece to our special puzzle.


We learnt that no one is safe. No matter how good you swim, you could be the next one off the team. We overcame internal struggles and worked together to keep each other positive. We trained hard for this one weekend of the year, World Cup.


I am so proud to be a part of this team. We fought so hard to be here today and to be the team we are. We have been a team that improves, step-by-step. We are not done yet!! We have 2 years before the Olympic Games. I believe, and we believe that our team will be representing Canada at the Games! We still have a way to go, but we are on the right track!


Time to have a couple days of holiday before we come back to the grind!! Enjoy ladies!!! Love you! xoxo

Much Love,


Free Team and Free Duet Today

Hey all!!

Yesterday we had a great day. We started the competition off with a bang! A good swim of our brand new Highlight Routine, debuting a fun swim for the audience to enjoy.

The stakes were pretty high in the Technical Routine. We had a little blimp in the routine, something we did not expect. We know that we did not have the swim we want, but we are totally ready to show the world that we can and will achieve our goal.

I would like to let all of you know that we really appreciate your support these last couple days. It’s been a journey and we have learned a lot.

Tonight is a new chance, a new day to show you all what we are capable of!! The Team is on the same page and we are ready to swim our heart out! Free Routine is going to be a show for sure!! Tonight we are going to perform, and make you all proud! We are ready!

Much Love,


Today’s The Day!!

Hey Everyone!!

Here we go!!! Today is the 1st day of competition here at the World Cup in Quebec City!! We have been working so hard to achieve our goals for this year and from the feedback we have been given, we are on the right track!! It’s going to be an amazing couple of days and I have a feeling that Canada is going to rock it!

For schedule of the competition, click here

Also, I would like to send a shout out to Jérémie Battaglia who has been an amazing contributor to our team as PHOTOGRPHER!!! He just released these beautiful photos to the public and to us!! Huge thank you to him!

Check him out on Instagram: @jeremiebattaglia, Twitter: @jeremiebatt and Facebook: Jeremie Battaglia


Much Love,


Day 3

Hello Everyone!!

Today is day 3 at the World Cup pool. We’ve had some fantastic practices and have been working together to create some awesome performances for you all. If you are not able to be in Quebec City this weekend, I hope you will check out the live feed which you can find here

Currently, Team Canada is off to the pool for our 1st practice of the day! Big focuses!!!! Let’s do this!

If you haven’t seen our epic video and article in the Toronto Star, please CHECK IT OUT

Enjoy and hope to see you soon!

Also special shout out to our Team Captain Marie-Lou Morin who is celebrating a birthday today!! Happy Birthday Lewis!! 😉

Much Love,