And We’re Off!!

We have arrived in Quebec City for the 2014 World Cup!! Training begins today. Team Canada is ready to rock these practices and in the end, swim like the champions we are!!!

For more info on the competition, click HERE


Can’t wait to make you all proud!!

Much Love,



CBC News Clip


Here is a fantastic news clip, by CBC, from yesterday’s Demo!!!

Click Me!!!

Again thank you for all of your support as we debut our newly choreographed routines for the World Cup!! Team Canada is ready to rock, so proud of us!!

Much Love,


Synchro in the News

Canada made headlines today for Synchronized Swimming! This is a great article about the athletes, our determination and the fantastic facility we have been training in! Thank you for everyone’s support, we strive to make all Canadian’s proud!

Click HERE for this fantastic article!!

Much Love,

Demo Day

Hey Everyone!! Hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday, and wishing you a great week… Now to the good stuff!!

Today marks 1 week and 2 days before we start competing at World Cup!!  We’ve made so many leaps these last couple of weeks!  This team, these girls; are family.  Working with them every day can’t get much better.  All of our obstacles, goals, triumphs are dealt with together, as one unit!  We are almost there, it’s so close we can taste it!  I am so proud to be working with these ladies.  All of the pieces are finally coming together and soon we will impress the world at the Cup!

Today we shared our routines to spectators for this years competition.  We had Open Training for an hour, to let our audience see what we do on a daily basis and then ended the day with a Demo.  During our swims, we had Toronto Media come to support us and the new 2015 Toronto Pan Am Aquatic Centre, which has been a fantastic facility for us to be training at.


Also in attendance, Scott Russell, CBC Sport broadcaster who has 11 Olympic Games under his belt, came out to show us some love!! His inspiring words of wisdom gave us chills before swimming our last event of the day! He shared with us his passion and made us believe that we are capable of everything!! It made today even more special having an Olympic Broadcaster introduce our team and every member that has worked so hard to get us to where we are!


In closing, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in today’s event. We are so blessed to have your love and support! Keep cheering for us at the World Cup and for the next 2 years going toward the Olympics in Rio!!

Much Love,


2 weeks

Hello Everyone!!

In 2 weeks today we will be done competing at the World Cup in Quebec City.  So far, this camp has been a tough one for all of us!

We have been training incredibly hard.  Working through many obstacles here in Toronto… Day one started off in water that was less than 23 degrees Celsius!! We were freezing cold the whole day, but all of us knew that this wouldn’t prevent us from training for the Cup. We were in and out of the pool trying to keep our muscles warm, there was a fire alarm and a power outage, and most of all we have been fighting exhaustion.  We knew at this point we needed to train extra SMART, making every second in the water count!

We have started to overcome these little things!!! There is so much more at stake right now, no matter what conditions we are in the Team has to work together toward our goal! This is a big year, and a big competition for us.  We know that right now we haven’t reached our peak, but we have another 13 days to get where we want to be! I am confident that with the help of our amazing staff and my determined teammates, we will SHINE at World Cup!!

This WEDNESDAY, September 24th, is our Synchro Canada Demo for the World Cup in Toronto! For any of you here this week, please come and show us some LOVE!!!

Senior National Team Demo Information

Hope to see you there!

Much Love,



Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Today we embark on our new adventure, World Cup Training Camp in Toronto! It’s so strange to be in a place where we can understand the language; normally our camps are anywhere but Canada!! It’s so nice to feel “at home”.

As of today we will start training for our biggest competition of the season. We will be at the Pan Am 2015 pool for the next 2 weeks working to perfect our routines for the up coming event. This facility has just opened and we are preparing to be the 1st swimmers to “test the waters”.

In a matter of hours we will be at the pool for our 1st training session of the camp! We’ve got a BIG couple of weeks ahead of us!!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! We hope to see some of you soon at the pool in Quebec City or here in Toronto. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite!! 😉

Much Love